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I REALLY need somebody's kind words.....

I'm sitting here writing this, scared half to death, these stupid "beats" keep happening to me off and on all day, all week, these are my symptoms.....
They feel like a bunch of beats all at once....pausing beats....skipping beats....one fast hard beat.."vibrating"....and when it happens, I feel like my blood pressure is affected, it's extremely noticable, I FEEL everything, it happens and for a split second, I feel as if I'm going to pass out, I don't and than sometimes a minute later, it'll happen again!!! How can be normal? My 2 cardiologists say I'm fine, my heart is normal....but each time it happens, I feel the "grim reaper" lurking over my shoulder......
And to top it all off, sometimes I even feel them when I'm DREAMING!!! I hate waking up KNOWING what just happened...does anybody out have these stupid things EVEN while SLEEPING?? It ruins my day, makes me not even want to get out of bed...
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I get those "positional" PAC's too, and I hate them. Your post sure sounds like me. At times, I can almost feel them coming on, I call that my "pre PAC" sensation, and almost immediately afterwords, I will get them. I think being apprehensive and having anxiety contribute a lot to mine. I, too, feel weird in the morning, I am usually worried about having one and sure enough, I usually do, especially if I turn over. They are miserable and anyone who has not had them just does not understand. When I am near my monthly cycle, I will get them more, also, having food allergies will cause mine to act up. I am allergic to eggs, and if I eat them, back they come, flopping around like crazy, so, I have not eaten eggs lately, and they are some better. However, mine can come out of the blue, I can be calm, reading a book, and bingo, there is a PAC, gee, I hate them.

Oh yes, I too have had all the tests and of course, they all come back normal. UGH.
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Hello,If its any help I just started having them this month.The same as you.
when I turn on my side,bang i feel it coming on!.
been to cardiology and had every test known except the"gold standard"cath test.
which I'm just scared of!.But your right its bloody embarrassing and depressing!.
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It's more than frustrating, and sometimes I question the medical community, they are human, overworked and sometimes miss or overlook things.

My sister in law has had problems with palpatations since she was 16 and she's 39 now.   7 years ago she started having an "attack" which led her to the ER and an Ablation, her heart rate was over 200 at that time. She said they had never picked up on anything before except for that one time on EKG's or tests they have done.

My father in law is 76, he's had 3 heart attacks and open heart surgery, angioplasty and now an ICD.  Even in cardiac arrest (massive failure) inside the ER, his EKG showed normal, talk about bizarre!

He passed out recently and had to have an ICD implanted, this was the only time in 12 years of major heart problems that it has ever shown on the EKG, isn't that amazing?

Why is this? I really don't know.... I have had my run in with some doctors.

I had one who filed his nails while he told me nothing was wrong, I needed to lose weight and all my problems would go away.  I ended up in surgery a week or so later from massive internal bleeding due to Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and hundreds of uterine fibroids.

I had two other doctors who did physical, workups, and EKG's.  They put me on Phentermine with all kinds of things showing up on my EKG's; that I'm now told they should have never missed.

Then there are some doctors like my  GYN and my current PcP that I think the world of.  These guys took the time to listen to me and what I thought was "out of the norm" for me and took the time to find what the problem was.  

I think my current pcp probably saved my life - if he had not been straight and honest with me, I may have never gone to the cardiologist or EP and just ignored my symptoms.

Patient - doctor relationships are just like marriages, some work some don't - keep searching until you find the right one for you.

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i no how you feel i have heart palpatations since i got my period at twelve years old i am now going to be thirty years old i still get so scared when i have them i always get them before my period and on my period i have three children and when i was pregnant i got them to been to cardioligest had all the test done they said i am fine i dont need medicene i feel so scared my heart skips a beat all day on and off when i lay down it seems to get worse to i no how you feel there has got to be some kind of treatment for this i will get panic attacks to i hope we can all get help i am sick of them by ashton07
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What's crazy is that I get them while sleeping, when I turn and "try" and lay on my right side, I get them as soon as I wake up, usually I can feel them coming, I can tell they're getting ready to "hit"...I'm really starting to resent my bed....lol
That's horrible about breaking your toes....OUCH!!!
I'm wondering if I get Bigeminy, couplets or triplets, wonder if that's what makes me feel dizzy or faint? I've had all kinds of tests and they just keep saying it's palps, I've even had 2nd opinions, they all say I'm fine but when my heart is not beating in a regular sinus rhythm...I just know I'm going to be saying hello to the grim reaper....it feels that scary....they say I'm very symptomatic...I just get this overwhelming feeling like I'm going to pass out, I haven't so far but it always sends me into a panic attack....
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I also get stupid panic attacks right before my heart starts it's little "dance"....I was just thinking of something else, when I wake up, almost daily, I can feel my heart wanting to act stupid, it's like as soon as I wake up, if I get this strange feeling that lets me know, it's about to happen, while I'm laying there, in bed, before rising,my heart will start skipping and pausing....
I don't even want to get up....
BTW.....I noticed that you work out, I want to lift weights but when I do my heart starts skipping, is this normal or should I not lift....but than again even when I do pilates, my heart seems to hate them also...so I don't know...
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Oh yes I know what you're feeling and I have them every moment of every day and night...grrr been this way for 6 mth - a year straight that I can remember.

yes frustration at what the heck is wrong can probably make it worse, as for me I'm too tired to worry much these days. I can't sleep due to mine  and when a really bad run hits, it feels like I am having a heart attack and will wake me up if I am sleeping.

I wish I had gone sooner than I did to have mine checked, I may have saved myself some pain, frustration & gotten help earlier.  I think even if it's a false alarm anything outside of your "normal" should be checked out instead of waiting too late like me.

3 weeks ago, I slipped and fell breaking 2 toes and started feeling really really bad  after.  I  went in to see my PCP,  and he scared me - sent me to a cardiologist the next day and the next day an EP saw me.  I have had so many tests, I just want to go back to "normal" lol whatever that may be :)  

I saw my PCP again this past Friday and he wants me to see another EP outside their clinic just to ease my fears of surgery.  I want to hear it from an outside dr that nothing is wrong with my heart, and there's probably no cause to all these things that's going on with me.  

No one I have gone to has heard of 54,000 extra heartbeats within a "normal" heart, so I'm wondering what they may be missing.  I'm having PVC's every 3rd beat (bigeminy) 24/7  and couplets, triplets and a few times 5 in a row that make me pass out cold, as well as VT's and a couple other things I didn't catch the name of.  I'm still confused how this is happening in a "structurally normal" heart...

Surgery is next week for me and I'm crossing my fingers it works as well as it has for most.

Hang in there :)
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I went through and still go through what is happening to you.  But thank god an ER doctor told me that not only was I having a V-Tach attack, I was throwing myself into panick attacks as well.  While in the ER my heart rate was at 260 bpm, I thought I was dieing once again.  She was new and very hip, and not afraid to challenge the *old doctors*  and gave me some meds to stop the panick attacks.  After 8 I.V. injections I start to calm down, and feel very happy.  I did however sleep for a few days, something a really needed.  When It was time for my regulsr doctors appointment, I went and demanded that he give me the same meds she did, so that I could take them alone with the meds I take for my PSVT.  So far the combination of the two have worked for me for over 4 years, with only maybe one PVC here and there.  But if it hadn't been for this little doctor standing her ground, I would not have known or gotten the info I need to confront my stupid doctor.  
So hang in there, things do get better and there are doctors out there willing to bend the rules to help us.
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Thank you for your kind words....sometimes I just find it so hard to find the strength to carry on, I need to just ignore them but I also get very symptomatic when they happen....I'm almost 40, I still have a few yrs left, I'm still trying to finish nursing school!
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Hi jsuter69.  I'm sorry your feeling this. Know that you are not alone.  Many understand your feelings and fears and having them during sleep / dreams too. Sometimes I may even begin to feel agitated / angry on top of it all when I get them frequently too.  

Yes, the symptoms and fears that can piggyback may deter us from doing the things we love to do or would normally have the desire to do.  I had to learn to continue to push through those symptoms and fears.  Starting off, do it scared if you have too; but, push through nonetheless.  Then one day soon, you may notice that it's not as noticeable or as bothersome as it was.  

Jsuter, if you think about it, through everything that you have experienced thus far, your heart hasn't given up on you, don't give up on your heart - keep doing the things you "love".

God is with you.  You cannot fail.

Blessings and Pleasant thoughts to you always.    
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I am so sorry to read of your pain and fear....  Is there anything you can do to focus you mind on something else to see if that helps?  Maybe a walk, or a run if you can.  Drink some water and take a deep breath... I know these are not magic cures, but I am trying to think of something that will help.

Are you on any medications?  I know I've read other posts from you, but I can't recall what was said.  

I have trouble with dreams, not that I dream about my heart, rather they are situation trouble-mares.. not nightmares.  I think the Metoprolol I take for AFib is contributing to my dreaming problem..maybe you're have a bad side effect from something you're taking.

Are you taking anything for depression, anxiety, panic.... if not it may be you need that kind of help.
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