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I am having heart problem

I am  male, height 180cm, weight 76k and never been seriously sick.
I was parking my car in December morning ( temperature around  8 Celsius) outside my garage. It was cold outside and I was not feeling well. I already had an upset stomach 10 days ago and lately had dry cough since three days. As I closed the garage gate and restarted my car, I had a cough and in anger I deliberately forced a strong cough and then suddenly felt lightheadedness and a bit of sweating and my heart seemed racing at top gear. However, I drove my car to nearby hospital and my Troponin level was found marginally raised beyond the limit. All my enzyme levels were normal (HDL is at middle limit and LDL near lower limit). My BP was 120/80, ECG OK but I was initially diagnosed as NSTEMI by a junior doctor. However, the specialist doctor is not convinced, but they put up me on preventive medication (Carvedilol, Creato, Lowplate etc), that drastically lowered my platelet count to around 40K and thus no Angiography could be done. I was discharged from Hospital, untill the platelet count improvement and was asked to consult the specialist regularly. I had many ECGs and ECHO tests that showed normal values during the month of December/January.
I was on bed since a month, then, I had a similar heart rate of 140 beats/min after passing stool.  We rushed to hospital and BP was ‘normal’ 100/70 (because of drugs). I had no feeling other than a beating heart, no pain etc but certainly high anxiety level.

Also now whenever I walk a little my pulse rate increases sharply to 100 plus. Just to acknowledge that my normal heart rate remained around 80 b/m.
Now I need to know whether I am suffering from Tachycardia, SVT or any other heart ailment?
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Your tests indicate nothing wrong and the HR and BP you write about are in the normal range.  It could just be anxiety and stress.  
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