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I cured my severe pvc with an herb.

Why is there not any information about the Hawthorn tincture and how miraculously cured my sever PVC. I was skipping every other beat at times. Now not ever except during my mensturation cycle if I don't take the herb for that time. It only takes a little and it is very friendly to the body not man made chemicals. Just curious....
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I'm glad it helped you, everybody is different.  I took it and it didn't help me one bit.  I also took Valerian Root and it made them worse.

How long have you been taking it?  And how long have you been free of the PVC's?
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I took it for about 3 months, 3 squirts 3 times a day and now just once a day except during my menses I up it again cause it starts acting up if I don't. Skipping every 20th beat. My acupuncturist mixed it with an herb called salvia and a little licorice too. I hope them together would help you. I think Valerian would be no good since it is a bit of a sedative. It only took about 1 to 2 days before they totally stopped. Blessings
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I'm glad its helping you.  You said it was mixed with a little "licorice" I can't even have a little of that because I have high BP and licorice effects my BP big time.

Glad you got help for your PVC's.  

Maybe others on this board will try it and will report their success.
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I tried Hawthorn a few yrs ago and it make my skips worse. I would love to try it again, just in case it was something else causing them but I am afraid to do that. I talked to someone at the health food store about it one time and they did say that some people can not tolerate it for various reasons!!! I am glad that you found something that works for you!!
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Thats cool, the licorice is not necessary but the Hawthorn and Salvia are. Maybe I am just lucky or just open to my potential to heal myself. I believe this Earth has the answers to what we need. That is why it works for me and will continue to. Blessings
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I had a bout of PVC's when I was 22 (I'm 34 now) that lasted for about 4 months and after doing the usual ECG/Halter/etc the doc put me on Xanax for a month and as I realized they improved when I got my panic under control I started coping better with them and they finally went away.  It's a terrible thing because they PVC's cause anxiety which causes more PVC's - it totally ***** as I'm sure you all know.  Anyway, I never really knew what 'triggered' them back then, and I don't know what made them finally go away, but now 12 years later they're back with a vengeance.

They started again 3 months ago and have increased in frequency with every passing week.  The first couple of weeks were almost like denial and, of course, extreme worry and panic that something is dreadfully wrong with me.  Now I've kind of "talked-myself-down" from the panic and am searching for treatment options to drugs.

I'm on my 3rd day of Hawthorn and already seem to feel an improvement.  It seems that my heart overall is beating "harder" but the skips have diminshed considerably.

More to come...  my fingers are crossed :)
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