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I had a 24 hour holter monitor, Not sure about results

My doctor told me not to worry however in a 24 hour period. There is 716 supraventricular ectopic beats,  702 supraventricular isolated beats,  seven supraventricular couplets, three ventricular ectopic. I feel like I’m having heart palpitations constantly. What should I do?
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"My doctor told me not to worry however" - No "however". Dont worry. Thats it. A couple of PVCs is completely NORMAL. Most living people on Earth have them. A cardiologist only worries when you suddenly start getting a huge number of them for a longer period of time.
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Not even then. My Holter monitor showed 38,000 per day and they sent me home. Although, I should add that I have an RBBB and these extra beats, although not timed properly, are needed to keep me going.
Yea I have read of people with tens of thousands of them daily and they are told not to worry about them too.

It really does suck having these but there really isn't a whole lot the drs can do about them esp since sometimes the treatment carries more risk then the ectopics pose.
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Supraventricular couplets?  I didn't know that was possible.  Listen to your doctor and count yourself lucky you are not getting ventricular couplets or NSVT.  Supraventricular ectopic beats produce a good output, so they're not as dangerous as PVCs.  People can be in PSVT for many hours and be relatively well... aside from the racing heart.  Three ventricular beats?  Nothing unusual there.  30-40 percent of people will have at least one on a 24 hour Halter.  
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What's wrong with ventricular couplets? I get them and have had them caught on monitors many times. I was never told I should worry about them or NSVT.
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