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I had a ablation for SVT AV NRT and it was great

I was diagnosed with SVT 7 weeks ago with my first trip to the ER.  After 2 more stubborn bouts of SVT over the course of the next 6 weeks (2 were one week apart) requiring 2 doses of adenosine to fix - the ER docs here in Chicago recommended cardiac ablation surgery.  I could have tried medications but they told me the disease is progressive, and its a constant struggle to find the right balance between meds ..which will be interspersed with ER visits.  Not to mention living in constant fear of a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.  They had me in for the surgery 3 days later and I AM SO GLAD I DID IT.  I am 1 week post op and feeling wonderful.  The ablation surgery was 4 hours.. I was under light "twilight sedation" and remember only about 30 minutes.. if that.  If you are concerned about the procedure - understand that the people who post on line are often the few who have complicated cases or rare issues.  The procedure is very safe and very effective.  I have been drinking coffee just to see if I can tease out a response... so far so good.  Even if I have to go back in to get any "missed" cells.... it would be worth it because the procedure just wasnt that bad - and I am very afraid of needles... procedures etc.  I wouldnt even get a flu shot before this so.. coming from me that its not bad... its REALLY not bad.  DO IT if you have SVT.  
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That's really great to hear of your success!  Mine is in 4 weeks.  I've said to my wife that the first thing I want to do is have a couple of tall glasses of Cracker Barrel Iced Tea.  They make the best, and I miss it so much after decaffeinating myself 2 months ago.  Good luck!
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What an amazing and positive post that was windycity....i agree with your whole post and couldn't have said it better myself....i think you were living my life before i had the ablation done four years ago...we think it is only happening to us....well surprise surprise huh?  Thank you so much it was nice reading what you wrote.....
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Great post, thanks.  YOu are right, the info on these boards is always skewed to those with issues, as they are the folks seeking support and knowledge.

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