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I have a heart problem. Doctor won’t listen

On August 3rd I had a catheter ablation for afib. I am 17 and my cardiologist suspected that there was something else causing the afib to happen. It turned out I had AVNRT, disguised as afib. For weeks after the surgery I was expieriancing palpitations. My cardiologist told me I was fine and that it was just anxiety. During the end of September I experienced an episode of tachycardia where my heart raced to 170. My mom and I thought it was afib but the pulse was regular. We called the doctor and he told us it was tachycardia, but not anything else. I had 4 of those episodes in one day. I feel palpitations about everyday, and it’s after the 3 month mark of my ablation so I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve heard it isn’t normal to have tachycardia after surgery and this didn’t feel like JUST a racing heart. My cardiologist sent me home with a 24 hour moniter and I recorded 88 times that I felt palpitations. He said he saw the data and didn’t see see any disruptions in my rythum and told me it was just anxiety. What I dont understand is why is it anxiety when I’m perfectly happy when they happen? Since my cardiologist won’t listen to me, I just would like to know what my tachycardia seems to be. If anyone recognizes the symptoms as something. When I had the tachycardia I felt a fluttering in my chest, I was sweating, I was feeling a seperate slower irregular in my chest and neck so it was hard to take my pulse (it felt like I had two heartbeats), I was having shortness of breath, and of course anxiety. My mom took my pulse and it was regular but around 170. Anyone know what the heck is going on? The weirdest thing was the seperate thump. My mom detected a regular but fast pulse, but I felt two heartbeats which made it hard for me to take my pulse
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Really need a holter or other monitoring strip to know whats going on.

How old are you?

The separate thump is almost certainly a pvc, which could be settinf off an arrhythmja.. the feeling of fluttering with a slow mechanical response almost certainly indicates normal av node function, but the 170 is odd. Anxiety alone in the 170's is not a typical pattern.

Your history unfortunately is insufficient to give alot of detail here. Could it be afib? Tachy brady syndrome? A flutter? Yeah any of those things.

It could also be that your avnrt ablation didnt hold up. Or it could be of ventricular origin. It would be impossible to say without seeing the strip..
I am 17 years old. This arrhythmia feels different than the one I had before the surgery. I have high anxiety and I’m worried I’m going to die or something. I like to think it’s a Supraventricular tachycardia. I don’t want to have a ventricular tachycardia
My history is that I had afib since I was 8 years old and we didn’t know that it was AVNRT until a few months ago. That’s all really
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It's perfectlynnormal to feel short runs of tachycardia; 8 to 12 beats, say.  Its not mormal to breakintp a full blown SVT.  If your cardiologist wont work with you, there are plenty of others out there.  Get a new one!
I’m worried that if I try to find a new cardiologist, the one I have will send all that information that he thinks it’s anxiety to the new one and then the new one won’t believe me I
You dont hold anything back from the new cardiologist.  You explain to him what you're explaining here; that you're feeling something real.
Do you think it could be anything dangerous?
I couldn't answer that.  Occasionally, cardiac ablation fail or heal over and begin conducting again.  Sometimes a thread of muscle fiber is missed and conducts perhaps feebly, so it can feel different than your original.  Keep on it, and don't give up.
Do you think I’d be able to use marijuana
Also I haven’t had an episode of it since September? Maybe it’s gone. I have palpitations but that’s it
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