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I have a unique question and unable to find the answer of the same

Please tell me is it possible that a heart valve is damaged so severely that it can not be replaced.
Doctor said (during surgery) that infection is very severe, we are unable to put the valve at its place.
If this condition is possible then can it be diagnosed or observed before surgery by means of MRI?
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I have undergone mitral valve repair, and my surgeon didn't know if he could repair the valve until he had my heart open.  I had to decide what I wanted him to do is the valve could not be repaired.  I chose a mechanical valve, but I was luck and he was able to repair may valve.  The surgery was almost 5 years ago, and the valve is still working fine, I had an echocardiogram just a couple of months ago and the valve, all valves, checked out as good.

To your first question, I do not know if a valve can be too damaged for a replacement to work but I doubt it. I say this because I believe a valve replacem, mechanical or organic is a complete replacemnet.  I think valves are completely reactive, that is they open and close according to the direction of the flow/pressure.  Thus if the valve opening is filled with a replacement valve, it would work.

I am not a doctor, and I have no experience beyond what I have stated.
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Hello, I am guessing that once the infection is cleared up, your doctor may revisit the idea of a replacement valve. My experience has been that physicians will not place any kind of a device (like a heart valve) when there is an existing infection because the risk of that device then becoming infected is high. If a new heart valve were to become infected, its much more difficult to clear up an infection.

What kind of infection were you referring to?
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