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I just want this to away

I'm not even sure i belong in this forum anymore. It's been 4 weeks since i stopped taking Zoloft cold turkey. I was only taking it for 3 weeks prior to stopping. during the first week of no zoloft, my heart was beating quit irregularly. it would race for no reason, skip beats, and i swear i think i was having an afib spell at one point. my blood tests, echo, ekg, and holter were all normal. The doc has me on lorazepam right now for anxiety (never had it before the whole zoloft thing) but i'm having the hardest time still just coping. I can't sleep on my left side (my heart acts up). I have crazy heart burn, I have pain rippling through my chest. It is right in the middle of my chest and also on my left side (like where i think my heart would be). I feel like there is something in my throat all the time. I got out of bed to type this because I felt a PVC and tachycardia as i was lying in bed and "swooping" sensations in my chest, like when you're going up stairs and you miss one or when you fall really fast. they start in my chest and spread over my body and then i start to shake. I have a high resting heart rate (85-95) but when i started feeling these weird sensations it jumped to about 115-120 even though i was lying down. I'm terrified something is going to happen to me when i'm here alone with my two toddlers in bed. I don't know if this will help but i am a 22 year old female who is moderately overweight (about 50 pounds or so). I've never in my life had heart problems or anxiety problems and I don't know why this is happening and the only thing my doc has done besides those tests was give me a script of atenolol and tell me i was going to be ok. well i don't feel ok at all and i don't understand ... if zoloft withdrawal wasn't causing this than what is? The only other symptoms i can think of that are happening is that my belly feels funny too. Like it feels like i'm having hunger pains but i just ate. i also don't feel "full" and i can't tell when the pains in my chest are because i'm hungry or not. I've had a lot of gas too. a lot more than normal. Please if anyone knows anything about this i really appreciate the support. I have a family to raise and my relationship with my husband is starting to fall apart because of this. IT ALL STARTED ABOUT 7 WEEKS AGO. I just can't figure it out and my stupid doctor thinks because i'm young there can't possibly be anything wrong with me and i just know there is, i can feel it.
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I wish I could help more, but, here is what I think. I feel you are having a reaction to the Zoloft, it takes awhile for it to get out of your system, and, from the very beginning, you could have been having a reaction as you posted that you started the PVC's and other uncomfortable feelings when you started it.

Having good tests results are a good sign. One question, have you been tested for a hiatal hernia. From reading your symptoms, I would swear you have one. The pain one can cause is just like a heart attack in some folks, especially if it is a more severe one. It can also cause all kinds of irregular heart beats. Also, it causes acid reflux, and when you lie down, they really act up. I have one, so, I am speaking from experience, they are horrid. Being overweight can contribute to having one as well, so can anxiety.

I think lots of the symptoms you have described are anxiety related, and if you have a hiatal hernia, it is causing them to be worse. I would almost bet money on the fact that you have one.

If the doctor you are seeing is not concerned enough to check out other things like the hernia or other gastric problems, then, please see one that will, I bet they will find the culprit to be a nasty hiatal hernia.

Oh yes, I also get the same symptoms you are talking about when I need an adjustment from my chiropractor, besides having a hiatal hernia, when certain vertebrae in my back are out or even in my neck, I will get these horrid feelings, so, there is another route for you to try also. Most of the time, drugs are NOT the answer. Having vertebrae in the neck out of alignment can certainly cause all kinds of anxiety and nervousness.

Hope this helps you. Try not to worry, see another doc, and in the mean time, if you can, drink two ounces of Pure Aloe Vera juice twice a day and before bed time, if this helps, then you will know you are on the right track regarding the hernia or other gastric problems.


Oh yes, there are some folks in this forum, probably archives that have posted about their experiences with hiatal hernias and PVC's etc. Do a search, it might help also.
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I now how you feel.. it is sooo scary...I have been having the skipped beats , pause outs, and flip flops and then racing heart  on and off for years and it all scares the heck out of me  I feel like I am gonna just drop at anytime and die! it is horrible.  Over the past two weeks I have had a echo ekg and holter monitor and I get all the results on monday and I am so scared. My anxiety level is through the rough just waiting. Please know you will be ok .. I know it is soooo hard to believe but we are all still here  from these horrible things. I too have 4 children 2 grown , though I have a 9 yr old and a 6 mo baby! I too dont want to leave my kids.. my husband does not understand the crippling fear that these bring on, but know we are all here going through the same things! hang in there, I am trying to still cope with them too.
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hi i ahave exact same problem and dont know what to do it drive me crazy.it is so scary,my doctor talk to me like i am crazy,my echo is normal holter also because i didnt have it that day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,how was your results?
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