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I need help

So within the past two months I will be falling asleep, sometimes even halfway dreaming and I feel my heart beat slowly getting weaker, then it will beat really hard once, sending a pulselike feeling through my entire body which shocks me wide awake, then after that I feel like I'm breathing extremely slow and shallow. My body feels almost numb also. I went to the doctor and he told me my symptoms don't make sense. My EKGs came back normal, as well as my blood tests but I still am having these problems. Also, I used to have a fairly strong heart beat but now I can barely feel it in my chest. Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this and if so was anything ever diagnosed? I'm not the type to really ever worry about anything and anxiety doesn't really fit in with my symptoms. Amy help would be greatly appreciated.
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sounds like generalized anxiety disorder to me.  People make the mistake of thinking that something is making them anxious.  NO!  that's not what it is.  Your brain for some reason is activating automatic areas that prepare you for flight or fight response.  This affects heart rate, respiratory, and other areas.  It's happening on the autonomic nervous system, outside of your conscious control.
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the ""your symptoms don't make sense" is a very familiar sentence i know, but the things your wrote, i can totally relate. I have also had those feelings. Sometimes it doesn't have to be a rapid heartbeat or an irregular one that will make me a panic attack but also "too shallow and slow" heartbeat. And yes, i think i have to agree with the previous answerer. I have panic/anxiety disorder also. And having a panic attack right now actually :)
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