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I had an ICD put in 1 1/2 years ago, I'm still experiencing pain and tenderness in my chest and simple task such as folding clothes causes a lot of strain and pressure on my left arm. I was told at the device check clinic that this is normal. I was wondering if anyone else with an ICD has these issues?
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Hope you get some experienced inputs.  

I think you shouldn't have such discomfort.  Here I assume you are talking about light lifting, not throwing around laundry baskets that weight 50 pounds.  
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I still have problems after almost 2 years, tugging pulling and feeling like I have something pushing up into my shoulder all the time, some times I can't sleep on my left side because I get pinching pains from the site that goes away when I move to the right side.

Plus I have a vein that turned bright blue a few months after leading out of the area they say is nothing but I think it's clogged or blocked.  I've been to a few doctor's who think my leads are fractured or leaking but when push comes to shove they tell me to go back to the original EP who put it in.

good luck hope you get some answers; keep pushing until they find out.
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