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ICD Device and Being a Rock Star

Okay, I know that this is probably kind of odd... but I'm having an ICD device implanted in about 6 hours, and the "career" path that I've chosen for myself is to be the lead singer in a band. It's my absolute dream, and I want nothing more than to do that. However, I read on a website about ICD devices that people who have attended concerts have reported some problems with their devices due to the electromagnetic fields generated by the large speakers... is this really a problem? If so, is my dream crushed because of this device?
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This i do know a little something about.  Its not just the electro field that is the possible problem that could occur but the vibrations can set off an irregular heart beat and start an arrythmia off.  Talk to your doc about it if he/she thinks you may be at risk...good luck to you......i think every one of us has a specific destiny to follow and hopefully your dream may be realized but if it isn't there most likely is something else out there for you that is intended that may very well be bigger and better.......i'd keep my ears and eyes open and even a little excited about your future.....
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Slash has a pacemaker. He talks about it in his book. I know that's not the same device but I think you will be ok.
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I do not think your dream is crushed but you will have to stay a safe distance from your speakers. I have been to many concerts and clubs up front and near the speakers and have never had a problem. This is something you need to discuss with your EP or the maker of your device. Good Luck
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