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I had an ICD implanted on the 25th of June.  On Monday the 5th of July, I was using a dry microfibre cloth to wipe down a canvas camping chair and was touching the arm of the chair with my other hand and I got what felt like an electrical shock in my hand that was touching the chair - like touching an electric fence.  I jumped back and my leg touched the leg of the chair and I got shocked there also.  This felt like way more than static.  Has anyone ever had this happen before?
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Very strange, I think.

Is there an electric extension cord near/under the chair, or maybe a buried electrical wire going to a shed or exterior lamp post?

The electricity associated with your ICD is a low voltage DC (battery) and I think it impossible that it could cause a shock that you can feel.

If the shock had a "vibration" feel it was likely alternating current (like is used in your home), if not it was most likely static discharge.  

Get someone else to touch the chair, or maybe put a meter on it to ground before touching.

Let us know what you learn.
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Chair was on pavement in front of my garage, no extension anywhere within 10 feet & we built the house and I did the wiring and no wiring there either.  My husband picked it up and put it in the car and nothing.  Actually, I touched it again and nothing.  I've been shocked before with regular 110 and it wasn't quite that strong but it was vibrating, like an electric fence.  Cardio office is downloading from the icd on Monday and going to match up events but they were not ure what that could be.  Maybe really strong static but wow.
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There is something called "Phantom Shocks" that people with ICDs can experience. During implant most ICDs are tested while the patient is sedated and they receive a shock. While most poeple don't consciously remember the shock the brain remembers and can send out signals once in a while that will resemble a shock. It is not all that rare in the first few months after an ICD is implanted.
I have had several over the last year and a half and some can be quite startling and some can be quite mild.
It's only a possibility. But do mention the date and time of day that this happened and they can check your ICD at your next appointment and see if it caught something else happening.
Take care,
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ICD didn't show anything.  That's wierd about phantom pain but I have heard of things like that before.  Strange it'd feel like an electrical shock since I don't think that's how it'll feel like from an actual shock from the icd.  Hasn't happened again so I guess I'll just forget about it.  Thanks for the info.

Now, I'm wondering when I can start jogging and yardwork again.  They didn't really say but I know I feel pretty good.
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