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ICD and breast pain

I am a 34 year old mom who had a cardiac arrest out of the blue last November and spent 3 days in coma.
After that I was implanted an ICD and very soon began to have arrhythmias. I feel well and the medications relief most of the arrhythmia sensations now.
However, I recently experienced some awkwardness or slight pain in the left breast, mainly around the ICD - towards the armpit and towards the center of the breast.
I have scheduled all sorts of check ups - regarding the ICD and my gyneocologist, but until then I would greatly appreciate some input if this pain may be normal, due to the ICD and not something breast related.

Also, how do the ICD and arrhythmia medications affect pregnancy? My boy will turn 2 soon and we are thinking of expanding the family, hoping actually, if we get green light from my doctors that is.

Thanks in advance.
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Well it sounds to me like the docs have all of the bases covered for you so that is a relief i bet.....as far as the pain w. the ICD goes...it hasn't been a year yet and you have to remember when an ICD is inserted into the body the surrounding tissues and muscles have to adjust to this new member of their family that has just been added.  You may very well still be sore from the insertion ....what you want to note is if any itching occurs because you could have a little reaction to the leads....if the area becomes red or swollen i would call the doc because you may have an infection starting.....ICD's are remotely ever if ever rejected by the human body...as far as the expanding the family goes you need to get clearance from both docs and weigh out the risks if they even feel there are any...meds can be adjusted or changed to accomodate a pregnancy but i am sure their concern will be the stress of the labor ....only your doc knows for sure and i hope it all goes well for you and congrats ahead of time........
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Well I dont have the answer to your question, but in googing it, you may find some information till someone with and ICD can reply. I do however want to say I am so glad you are ok and so sorry for what you went though! Do they know what caused the heart attack? I hope you are feeling better very soon.
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gosh thats scarey , had you had any previous tests or heart issues??? was it long qt or something... hope u feel better after your follow up
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Thanks everyone! Will keep you updated after the tests and check ups later this week and the next one.
All the best!
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