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Idioventricular rhythm

Hello, I'm a 29 yr old male that has been having heart palpatations for the last 2 years.  I've had investigations done at Kings College Hospital in London, England and they found I had a idioventricular rhythm and I intermittently went into ajunctional rhythm with left bundle-branch block conduction
pattern.  I also had/have an ejection fraction at 49%.  I haven't done much more about trying to solve the problem since I moved countries but I have found now when I perform short intense exercise (such as a really short sprint) I have considerable chest pain and shortness of breath.   The palpatations now usually only occur after drinking tea/coffee, or other drinks containing caffeine, or if I am stressed or nervous.  For reasons which I am unable to state here I am not in a position to visit a cardiologist right now.  I would appreciate any thoughts on the matter though...other than telling me to go see the doc..I would if I could.
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This will not cure the "problem", but it may prevent damage.  Stop drinking/eating anything with caffeine, and limit exercise to lower aerobic range, say with you HR under 160 (assuming your are in good condition, just can't take extensive physical stress).  Take a good look at your overall diet and try to eat as healthy as possible - how is your weight and anxiety/depression/general mental health?  You don't need to answer, I am asking more for you to think about it as it relates to you heart concerns.

As for an EF of 49%, that is on the low side, but should serve you well.  It may be well to have that checked every "few" years to be sure it is holding.  Because of my heart condition and advanced years (compared to you) I get an echocardiogram at least every 5 years - this is one way to measure EF, there may be others.
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at least perhaps go to see a reg gp and ask for a 24 hour monitor of you can
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