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If you have unifocal PVCs can you work out?

I have PVCs and I was wondering if working out (running long distance, lifting weights ect) can effect the PVCs or if it could possibly be a risk factor?
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The best thing to do, is get the PVC's checked out by a cardiologist. If they are benign then all the Dr.'s have told me they are not going to do any harm. I was in the ER(only once) and was having bigemini PVC's for the entire 4 hours I was there, with no break in that rhythem. The Dr told me my heart could beat like that for every and never do any harm. I can't say I believe that but thats what they told me. They told me to take some toprol when I got home.
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I'm with artskip.  Once you have been cleared by a doctor and know the pvcs are benign (they usually are), you're all set to exercise.

I've had pvcs in the tens of thousands per day (multifocal) and I had no restrictions on exercise.

Let us know what the doctor says...

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I'm constantly amazed by some of the numbers of pvc's that some people on this forum say they experience.  I wore a Holter on a moderately bad pvc day for me, and the EP told me the monitor recorded 58 premature beats.  To experience 10,000 pvc's in a day - what's that like?  That must feel like every beat is a pvc.  If you get 10,000 pvc's a day - the kind that you feel, the "squeeze" sensation - and you can live with that, my hat's off to you.  That's some strong willpower.  I wish I had a tiny fraction of your coping skills.
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It's all relative. I used to freak out when I had PVC's for a few hours. I'd think it was so bad, little did I know what was to be for me. On a bad day now I must have tens of thousands,today is a real bad day with lots of pain with the PVC's. In a way I have given up on every having any peace from them. Then I guess I snap out of it and think maybe tommorow is the day they will just go away. I don't know if it's will power, or what choice do I have?
Not sure if he's my candidate,but cool pic!!
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