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I'm done

Just on long enough to tell you that I'm done .  I'm back in my shorts day cube.  They got the svt.  Classic w pw. I needed13 burns. It took about 3 and half hours.  More when I get home bye for now
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Congrats!  You must be relieved to have it over with.  Glad that things went well. :)  Don't eat too much jello!
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Good for you!
Fell better soon.
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Hi Tom, I'm hoping for a speedy recovery and successful ablation!  It's inspiring to see you take action.  Thanks for posting and all the help you give.
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Awesome!  Get better quick!  

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woohoo...good job, gratz.

Now acting 101 :)
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I am so glad it went well for u! Take care.
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that's wonderful Tom, take it easy and rest well
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Great to hear! I wish you all the best.
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Wow! 3 hours that is great! So glad they got it. I bet you feel like a world of troubles has been lifted off your shoulders. Good luck with your recovery. Looking forward to hearing your full story.
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Only 3 hours? That's great. They must have found the troublesome area pretty quickly. I just have to ask: did they give you a turkey sandwich while you were in recovery? So many of us get a turkey sandwich afterwards. I've had the same thing 3 times now. It's almost funny.

Rest up. Take care of your groin.  LOL  It may be tender for a few days so don't go jogging or doing yoga. That will happen soon enough.
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Great news! So glad you did well! Keep us posted on your recovery.
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Yaaayyyyy Tom you go boy!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad that they think they caught it all.  I know i haven;t had an episode of SVT since i had mine done four years ago but just remember that you're gonna feel random little things off and on over the next couple of months so remember to post if you have questions....like Chup said remember to post as you heal to help others...i am so happy for you.......<3
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I don't know about Tom, but after my ablation and cath/implant I got turkey samwhiches both times hehehe
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I had a choice of turkey or chicken salad. I chose a really bad chicken salad sandwich. It was soooo good!
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Thanks for your good wishes.  I really appreciate it!  Feeling great today except for the dull ache in the right leg.  But it'll subside.
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Congratulations Tom and welcome to the club. I am so glad everything went well for you, seems all the good luck vibes were heading your way on Tuesday...I am curious did you play the lottery tooo?.....lol I know I would have with all them vibes coming in ;)

I had lasagne with a salad after my ablation, went down really well...YUM!
Mix that with a nice cup of tea and a cognac (hubby had the cognac) and I was well pleased.
I was about 4 weeks with regular PVC's that got later and later in the day and one short run of SVT. I was then about 10 days PVC free and feeling good, then caught a strep B infection and the PVC's returned but not so much. Gonna have a chat with cardio on 27th to see if he needs to go in again.

Take care Tom and relax (I know easier said than done)
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