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Incomplete Bundle Branch Block

I am a 32 year old overweight healthy female.  I have been having dizziness/presyncope on and off for the past couple of weeks.  For the past 8 days it has been continuous.  I feel dizzy when I'm sitting and I turn my head to either side, but much worse when I am standing or walking.  My heart rate was high today in the 110's and BP was elevated 138-155/89-94.  My normal BP is usually 110-120/70-80's, and HR is in the 80's.  Some of my co-workers have noticed my left eye looking droopy this past week, worse as the day goes on.  I am feeling more tired than usual.  I don't have any flu symptoms, no fever.  I went to the walk in doctor today.  They did an EKG.  It showed Normal Sinus Rhythm with an incomplete BBB (Bundle Branch Block).  It also said possible enlarged left atrium due to the p wave being slightly elongated for a short run on the strip.  The p wave then went back to normal.  The doctor said that it is possible that I was born with a incomplete BBB.  She did not suggest any further cardiac work up.  I am concerned.   Any suggestions?  Is this something I should be concerned about?  
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did your dr seem concerned at all about the presyncope?  if it has happened before or  continues ask about a tilt table test or head up tilt test some call it

It can rule out several things and may yield some other answers
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hi, is it left or right bundle? (I'm guessing it's the right)
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The doctor did not say whether it was a right or a left BBB.  

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The doctor seemed to have no idea what was causing the dizziness/presyncope.  She hardly discussed the EKG.  There is a family history of heart disease.  Not usually at this early of an age though.  
What can this tilt table test show? And would this be administered by a cardiologist?

Thank you both for your responses.
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Mine was done by my EP right before I had an ablation; but I've read others have been recommended by GP and cardiologist.

If you google tilt table test you will find lots of info on it.  For me it showed I had NCS - neurocardiogenic syncope and OI - orthostatics intolerance, for some others it would show POTS - postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome or a couple of other things.

They hook you up to monitors to check blood pressure, heart activity arrhythmia's etc.  You lay on a bed, they put a safety strap across you and then stand you up a certain amount of time (mine was 20 min) they ask tons of questions and watch your monitors and if you're having symptoms they note which ones like dizziness.  

At the end of the time, they give you a squirt of nitro or a tablet and watch your symptoms, some at that point pass out, some don't.  For me 3 min into the nitro I passed out, if you do,  they lay you back flat quick and put your legs up to get your blood to your heart again.  My father in law had 5 shots of it before he passed out, so it affects everyone differently.

I would definitely get copies of all of my testing and look them over since they weren't discussed much with you, write down what you don't understand and ask lots of questions.
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