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Increase in pvcs and changes in echocardiogram

wondering if someone has a similar case as me out there:

28 year old with history of anxiety, pvcs, bigeminy, nsvt. i dont smoke or drink. i have mild mitral valve prolapse and believe that i have perhaps a mild connective tissue disorder like borderline ehlers danlos or marfans but not full blown necessarily.

i exercise frequently but not too vigorously, consisting of tennis, walking, jogging, some pushups here and there.

echo has shown an increase in mitral valve regurgitation to moderate. 4.1 mildly dilated LA.
ventricular septum is 1.2 cm. LVPWd is 1.1 so they think borderline hypertrophy. ejection fraction is 65%. ecg is normal.

i take paxil and very small dose of bystolic, as well as magnesium, taurine, and coq10.

im worried about these pvcs. on bad days it can be from 5k to 8k a day, so pretty frequent. anyone have a similar history? how do you cope? im wondering what else i can do here. its really tough to deal with especially given my age where i would like to be active and be able to manage stressful situations without my heart freaking out...
anyways just looking for someone else's perspective.
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