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Increased heart rate when i drink alcohol?

Hey i am 18 from Alberta, Canada, and whenever i drink which isn't very often i will get an increased heart rate after only 2 shots of vodka my heart rate goes to 90-100 beats per minute and will stay elevated for an hour or a little over. So i put up a question on yahoo.answers and some guy told me that i have alcohol sensitivity and that i could go into cardiac arrest and die which kinda freaked me out. so i went to consult my doctor to see what he had to say, and he told me that everything is fine and its a common side effect to alcohol. Now i have read quite a bit of stuff on the internet about this is and read that its a vasodialator so it makes the heart pump faster to get oxygen to where its needed, i also read some questions like mine but people are saying that they are waking up in the middle of the night with cold sweats and a heart beat of 130 bpm after a night with alcohol, that doesnt happen to me to make it clear. i am really just wondering if this happens to anyone else and if its safe to drink and im not gonna die if i do, thank you for reading my question.
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Stop drinking completely.
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why is there a reason behind what you are saying? or are you just trolling me? because i am planning to go out drinking with some friends tomorrow and am just looking for some advice and a little more information than stop drinking completely.
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I personally have not heard of that happening, dieing from cardiac arrest from your heart rate being slightly elevating.  The heart can tolerate the raise in rate you are experiencing, it isn't really even going out of range.  Alchohol rlaxes/depresses your body functions and to compensate your heart may speed up but I see nothing in what you have written to indicate you are in any danger.  I suggest drinking lots of water before, during and after a night of drinking to help alleviate the problem.  I too get an elevated rate as well as the higher rate the others you mention get in the middle of the night after drinking.  Water helps a lot.  Take care and drink safely.
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