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I have noticed that when my heart rate is in the hi50's to low60's I almost never have a skip. My problem is almost always when my heart rate is in the hi70's and low80's. I've also noticed that when my heart rate is lower that my bp is much better and sometimes boder line low. Yesterday I was having a pretty bad day and it lasted for about 3 hours, like skips every third beat and a few flip flops. Once I got my heart rate down it totally stopped skipping, I used several shots of mg and some xanax and a little potassium, but once I got the rate down the skips stopped. There has to be something to this as it happens time and time again.
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I, too, have found that slowing the heart rate helps.  I am on Atenolol, Norpace CR, Xanax and Coumadin.  If my heart rate gets too high, I can take an extra dose of Atenolol and Xanax (both very low doses).  I also have breathing exercises that help slow the heart rate.
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Do you exercise?  Would be interesting to see what your hr does at higher rates...
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I do not exercise and the only thing I use is mg, which is natural
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I'm the exact opposite.  When my heart rate is slower, I have many more PVCs When I get my heart rate up into the 80's or above, the skips lessen or completely disappear.   I do think that taking calcium/magnesium/vitamin D3 has helped reduce my PVCs too. How much magnesium do  you take?
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If my blood pressure is low, I have more PACs. If my hr is too slow I get PACs also and if it is too fast. I  haven't exercised for 2 weeks now and I'm having more than usual. So tomorrow morning I'm getting back on the treadmill. I don't know if PACs and PVCs react different to exercise but I know for me my heart seems more toned when it's had a good workout.
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When I was first diagnosed with 18 years ago, it was pvcs that came on at lower heart rates and subsided with exercise, but returned when the heart rate returned to normal.  Two years ago, the pvcs did a switcheroo.  I only got them when my heart rate went UP from exercise, and stopped at rest.  Currently, switcheroo again - they come on at lower rates and subside when the rate goes up.  Also, I've got some pacs thrown in now for good measure to make sure I'm in a constant state of torture...
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Almost nothing makes since when talking about heart skips............all I know is I have suffered probably longer than anyone on this board and I'm telling you that MAGNESIUM used correctly and the right kind has helped me when no doctors have helped one bit. I wish someone would have offered me some advice ( any advice ) that might have helped me. I've been on MG now for about a year and it's been the best year of my life. I do admit I've had some ups and downs trying to learn what kind and what amount of MG to use. There is no place to go to learn so I had to do it on  my own. Having said that I believe I am very close to figuring it out, I only wish I could have found some relief 40 years ago
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