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Inverted T Wave - Lead III

Allow me to preface this by advising that I will be getting my butt into a cardiologist's office next week, but would be grateful for any feedback, opinions, or other banter!

Summary:  Moved to Florida in May and had first annual physical today, inclusive of EKG.  EKG showed a negative T-wave in Lead III.  What gives???

Details:  40 year old male, no history of arrhythmia, screened negative for HCM 7-8 years ago (EKG & Echo), completely asymptomatic.  Ironman triathlete, 12-15 hours of typically high intensity training weekly without any issue.  No family history of cardio issues.

Medical:  Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (hypo); previously had somewhat elevated LDL levels, but calcium score test showed Zero risk;  Full blood panel a year ago showed normal LDL levels.

The doctor (today) was not able to properly explain potential reasons for my inverted T wave and simply ordered an echo.  I'm not a medical professional, but have been surrounded by medicine my entire life - ironically even becoming passionate about HCM screening.  

Any theories?  False reading?  Perhaps bad lead placement?  HCM and I'm going down on my next bike ride?

Appreciate any and all thoughts.

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Negative T in III is an extremely nonspecific finding.

Often it's normal and can be caused by anything from taking a deep breath to being a normal variant. Some people have a leftward axis from having a muscular left ventricle. In that case, both QRS and T could be negative in III

But it can also be caused by a strained right ventricle from high pressure in the pulmonary arteries, so you should ask your cardiologist.
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