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Irreegular Heartbeat is Scary/Frustrating.

I know that the info I'm giving here is scarce at best, but at this juncture, its all I have to go on.

Started about 10 years ago, with a "Flub-Bub" or quick Double Heartbeat about 4X a year
Approx. 5 years ago, it increased to about 165 a Day, but no lightheaded/Chest pains ect.
Saw a Cardiologist about 4 years ago.
After Stress Tests and Ultra Sound, I was told "Not to worry,
because Millions of People Have it", (but never got a Diagnosis/Name).
Recently, (over the past 2 weeks or so), I've had about 3  irregular Heartbeats, followed by lightheaded, and a slight feeling of Panic, flushed Face.
No Chest/Arm pains, but very scary, as I hadn't experienced this before.

Medical Background:
Type 1 Diabetic 42 years.
Asthma (under Control)
No Smoking/Drinking
Take  Blood Pressure Meds/Cholesterol (off label) for Statin effect for Liver/Kidneys.
Blood Pressure/Cholesterol is Good.
Low Thyroid (on Meds)
Low Testosterone (on Meds)
Low B-12 (on Meds)

I've heard that Low B-12 can also cause Irregular Heartbeats,
and at this juncture in my Life, I am under a Tremendace amount of Stress.
Now the reason I haven't gone back to my Cardiologist is because
of a job loss, we have no Health Insurance.
I'm trying to "Ride This Out" until I can get some Insurance to see my Doctor.

Interesting thing is, that these episodes tend to Come/Go.
I can have 3-5 within 2 days, and then be fine for 6 Months, without any issues/episodes.
Once in awhile I get the irregular Heartbeats, and they are no big deal, but then once in awhile, I get ones that only last for about 2-3 seconds and within 30 seconds I'm feeling Flushed, Panicked, lightheaded (no passing out).
These episodes pass, within seconds but the symptoms, weak, a sense of "just not feeling right", can hang on for 3-4 hours, or be gone in as little as 20 Minutes.
I know there's no substitution for a Cardiologist, but needed to "Vent" more than anything.

My Dad had to have "Heart Valve Replacement Surgery" at, 60 years old.
I'm afraid I might have to go through the same thing, and not feeling very good about that.

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In my above post it SHOULD have read:
"Approx. 5 years ago, it increased to about 15 a Day,
but no lightheaded/Chest pains ect".

(NOT 165 Times a Day).  ;+)
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If what you had 4 years ago when you saw the cardiologist was considered very common, it could very well be PVCs or PACs.  If you Google these terms you will get a lot of info and see if this sounds like what you had.

Now, any time you get changes in frequency, type, or symptoms associated with palpitations, this warrants a trip to your doctor for diagnosis.  But you already know this  ;-)

When do you think you might get health insurance?  Several of the conditions you suffer from can cause palpitations - are you being monitored to make sure your levels are all in the correct ranges and your medications are  controlling your conditions?  If not, this should be checked into sooner rather than later.

As you said above, the only way to diagnosis your episodes is by seeing a doctor.  That said, is there any chance you may be experiencing panic attacks? (again, this is something that can be caused if various hormones are out of standard range)
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I know this isn't what you were looking for but the only way to truly know what is going on is to go and see a doctor.  It sounds like you had some ectopics in the past that were isolated, meaning a random beat here or there but I am unclear whether or not this has escalated or whether you are still having an isloated beat here or there but they are now making you feel sick.  This could still all be isolated ectopics (pacs or pvcs) but you could also be having runs of them.  In a healthy heart runs that last less than 30 seconds generally don't pose a significant health risk but only a doctor can give you that assurance that your heart is in good working order.  I have also heard that thyroid issues can cause heart rhythm issues.  It is possible the meds you are on need to be adjusted and your symptoms will abate but again this needs to be done under the guidance of the prescribing doctor.  The best advice I can give you is to try to do all you can to reduce your stress.  It is very likely contributing to your issues.  And I might start with letting go over worrying about your father's health history.   If you have not been diagnosed with heart disease or been born with a heart valve issue it is not likely something you would need to face.  No one can 100% guarantee it but odds are your valves are fine but if you want to be truly sure then again you need to see a cardiologist and have an echo done.  That all said, the fact that you are not passing out or having any major chest pain is a good sign you are not in any imminent danger but please do go get checked out if your symptoms persist and/or get worse and do not hesitate to go to the ER if you ever feel as though your life is in jeaopardy.  And if you can at least try and go see your endocrinologist to see if your thyroid meds may be causing some of your issues.  Take care and feel better soon.  Please do keep us posted on how you are.    
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I'm sorry to hear you're going through the difficult, scary times you're going through. I had no health insurance when I had my first a-fib episode too. I went to a Community Hospital. Community hospitals have a mandate to serve people, without or without medical insurance. You can arrange payment plans (which depend upon your income) and they do not send you to creditors if you cannot make payments.
Seeing a doctor and getting medical care is the important step for now. Once you know exactly what you are dealing with and form an alliance with medical providers, you can begin to treat your condition and learn to live with it.
I wish you the best. Hang in there and fight for your right to get good medical care!
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Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts.
One thing I know of, is that I suffer from Low Testosterone, and had been on "Andro-Gel" for the last 4 years.
When our Health insurance ran out, I was not able to purchase my Andro-Gel because it was Cost Prohibitive.
Since then I have been accepted into their "Patient Assistance Program" and will be recieving it FREE from the Manufacurer in 2 days.
The reason I bring this up, is because I've been WITHOUT it,
for over 4 Months now.
I can feel the effects, Moody, REALLY Tired, No Energy.
As for all my other Meds, I have also been accepted into their PAP, and recieve them FREE.   ;+)
I used to walk (2) Miles a Day,  7 days a week,
but over the past 5 Months or so, its been more like 5X a Month.
I believe I need to get back into that again, to reduce my Stress.
Again...Thanks to all!
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