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Is PVC's really just anxiety??? really???

Ok, I know we all ask this over and over. But your tests come out normal.. blood test normal.. doctor say's your normal.. your pottassium, magnisium, ect normal on blood test.. soooooo now we are at our PVC's are due to stress? and anxiety? thats all it is?

I get having anxiety and having a palp here and there. But for us.. like me, who get one every 5 minutes alllll dayyyy longggg... that is anxiety??? really!??.. thats amazing to me, and upsetting. to realize.

I remember I followed the casey anthony trial. ANd AT THIS TIME I had no pvc's for months and month and months.. maybe one every now and then, this was my " normal" time. .. They were about to read the verdict. and it was second away... the jury came in.. she stood up... annnnnddd WHAM I got Pvc after PVc, skip beat, skip, skip, skip, I was thinkiing OMG.. wow, this is too much anticipation and excitment for me!! the anxiety of the verdict gave me like 5 PVC's in a row! So with that, can I say .. " yes.. that was PVC's from anxiety??..

SO now, that I've had about 3 weeks straight of PVC's all day every day. ( calming some when I am sitting still..) and increasing when I'm moving around... Can I assume these too, although 1000times worse is also ... ANXIETY??

I want to believe that anxiety can give you months of palps all day long, so that I don't have to continue to be ready to call 911, or prepare myself that any second my heart is going to trip out and I'm going to die any second. Or the Cardiologist is going to call me and give me the bad news any day that I have heart disease, or some fatal heart condition at 34... But in my mind.. I still keep thinking the worse.

The Doctor does an EKG= normal ( I think .. " but it didn't palp during it.. so he didn't see)
The doctor draws blood = normal ( I think.. Ok, so my blood is normal but that doesn't mean my heart is ok)
The doctor see's the PVC's on Holter..= benign PVC's ( I think.. well these are benign but whats causing them could be fatal! like heart disease.. or maybe they will go from benign now.. to dangerous tomorrow!!)
The doctor does a echocardiogram.. ( hasn't given me results yet, but also hasnt called me to tell me anything bad.. ( I think.. omg I'm dying of anticipation.. what if it shows something wrong with my heart??? my echo 10 years ago was normal.. and another 6 years ago.. but maybe now its totally abnormal!!)
The doctor say's we can also do a stress test " to ease my mind" ( I think.. he just wants to do it because he too thinks maybe I'm dying but doesn't want to freak me out...)...

UGH.. I hate my mind
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I think the excitement release adrenaline, which caused the PVCs to start, which scared you, which released more adrenaline, which caused more PVCs, etc.  This is a nasty and vicious cycle.  You may say, "well, there are times I'm not feeling excited, but they are still there!"  That is true, but the adrenaline kicks your heart in the butt and makes it "irritable."  

Your doctor doesn't think you're dying.  He really doesn't.  I worked in cardiac critical care.  I know what dying of heart arrhythmias presents like and this isn't it.  Trust me.  If we die of these, we will never know it.
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Seriously I feel your pain. I went to my EP today. I have had years of this stuff and it just wears you down, I know. If you have the tests done then you are not going to die. This is more common than what you think. Two girls I work with have had PACs PVCs in the past two months. One had them for six weeks up to the day her daughter got married (Stress) and the other had them for five weeks I guess because of female stuff.  Anxiety is a huge trigger! I dont know why a heart doc will NEVER prescribe anxiety meds though...hmmmm. I really think you should get any test done to rule out some serious prob, because in your mind you are thinking you have some serious prob. Its the only way to convince YOU.  I know there are meds to ease your mind and there are meds to ease the palps like a beta blocker or flecainide. My PAC's that started four weeks ago (every flippin 4th and 5th beat non-stop)are now triggering SVT ev freakin night! My pulse is all ovr the flippin place and the doc tells me today to not worry about it!!!!  Somebody just knock me in the head.  ps my echo today...perfect, my blood...perfect I dont get it either.  During doc visit no palps. ast saturday I talked one of our ambulance drivers into giving me an EKG it showed the PAC's but during that time the in and out of SVT stopped. Drove back home started again. Are we all freaking crazy?
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Anxiety plays a big role in my arrythmia.
I have tried valium and zanax for anxiety. It helps the anxiety but it does not prevent svt runs.
Since finding out about what all my weird beats are and yes ... all my tests are "normal" I am still nervous and anxious at times.
I do go to counselor and she said that my big svt runs have caused trauma and I have developed fears because of them.  You see I almost black out when they are pronged and fast - svt 's. Finally caught one on a holter monitor. When they first come on it feels like anxiety - they are just horrible!
As I work on letting go and notice when I feel peaceful and content (rarely)  I notice it ( instead of my health concerns ) and go ahhhh I am
noticing this peace and I like it and none of my life circumstances have changed. Just my thoughts.  Most of the time I feel like a tightly wound ball of something!
Earlier today my teenager called me to bring his basketball shoes to school. I felt my heart skip a beat and had that sinking feeling inside. Stress
and adrennaline- cause I resented him for inconveniencing my schedule.
Yes, stress makes EVERYTHING worse.
Also- the metaprolol seems to help-  somehow it blocks the adrenaline from getting to the heart. I have been on it for a month. I have read it is also used to treat anxiety.
Hang in there...  Really !... It will get better.
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I am not trying to minimize this is any way, I have Afib, pac's and pvc's. I know how anxious it can make you, how hard it is to think of anything else when your heart is acting up.  One thing that might help is to try not letting your imagination run away with you.  Trust that your doctor would tell you if you had a serious problem.  If you'd feel better, get another opinion.  But going down that road of imagining "what if" is not a good idea.  It can make you crazy.  It is not always going to work, but try to focus on anything positive that you can, i.e., you're not in the hospital.   You can get a handle on this.  Be brave and keep searching for answers and exploring all the avenues you can to get through this.  I just had an incident today where we were supposed to attend a dinner, but the weather was bad, I can't walk far in the cold, etc., until my heart started acting up.  I finally decided just not to go.  I really hated to miss out, but can't always have what we want.  Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.
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I still havent figured out the secret of pvc's, but i must admit that i have not had them as often as i used to since i started on some new meds. (stating i been on them a while now)- 3 weeks with 50mg -3 weeks 100mg and now on 150- (think me and the doc are taking it slowly up to the 200mg. )

But yeah..... Of course there are good periods and bad periods, so cant really conclude anything yet.
Im far from cured from my anxiety and the throughts that follow. (been having stomach issues and now a sore throat and that alone gets my thoughts running)-
But maybe the meds have helped even some things out making me less prone to pvc's.
All in all of course ill share my discovery when i feel i can conclude some fact more precisely.
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You said you magnesium has been tested however a regular blood test will not tell you anything
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