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Is having a heart rate ranging between 188 and 213 for about an hour safe?

Sometimes when I have a panic attack my heart rapidly switches between 188 and 213 almost at random and my SPO2 levels go from 81-86. They last for about an hour and I usually am okay but I'm a bit worried. During these episodes, I hear a buzzing sound almost like that static of a tv, I get very lightheaded and numb, I get very drowsy and my peripheral vision goes dim. Is there anything I can do about this? I have already been diagnosed with tachycardia and arythmia, and they think that I might also have brachicardia because on occasion my heart rate will go down to below 40ish and stay there no matter what activity I'm doing when it happens. My family have a history of heart problems and my aunt had a heart attack at 27.
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