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Is it normal to have 60 burns done during a cardiac ablation?

After 5 years of increasing symptoms, I consented to have an ablation done.  The plan was to ablate only one spot in my right atrium... I am 37 years old, and healthy - quite active, before.  Instead the doctor burned 60 spots.  Is this normal, to have so many spots burned?  Will this mean that it will increase my recovery time...if one burn takes 4 days, will 60 take 280 days?  Is it necessary to take my beta blockers, or can I just ride out the symptoms?
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60 burns does seem excessive..have you discussed this with your EP who performed it.Also he should be able to give you answers to your recovery questions.How long ago did you have the ablation? I had mine 6 days ago for severe  and long-lasting SVT episodes..I only had one burn and the SVT didn't return during the study..Everybody takes different time to heal.The longest healing part for me is the bruising and soreness at the insertion site.Hope you feel better soon :)
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60 seems like a lot!  I don't think I've seen anyone one since I've been a member with numbers that high.  By comparison, I had 17 burns for a very wide conductive tissue.  Others on here have had numbers under 15 or so. When you go for your checkup, inquire about you procedure.  Most EP's are happy to tell you about it.  BTW, I was 100% in about 2 weeks, although my right leg took about 2 months for the bruise to diappear, and the tenderness to subside.
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Wow - that's more burns than I've ever seen on this board.  I don't know what this will mean in terms of recovery time, but your EP should be able to address those questions at your post-ablation follow-up appointment.  I'm surprised you didn't receive any instruction on taking your medications post-ablation.  My EP kept me on beta blockers for three weeks after my ablation to "smooth out the bumps" while my heart readjusted.  Like Tom, I was 100% in a couple of weeks and it's been smooth sailing ever since (my ablation was 2 months ago, and I had 11 burns). I no longer need to take the beta blockers as my blood pressure returned to normal after the ablation.  I hope you are feeling better soon and I wish you all the best in your recovery.
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Hi I also had 60 burns done yesterday feel really bad to day they kept me over night,I hope this helps because after 3 different heart meds this was the only option as they did not work they said if one of the spots that was in a bad place comes back then I have to have it done threw the chest I pray they do not I have suffered to long and go threw 60 burns with no meds as the doctor wanted to make sure they were active I don,t think I would go threw that again to painfull
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Intuitively, it sounds like it might warrant a second opinion.  It might be worth having a second opinion anyway, especially if you continue to have symptoms. I supposedly had only 10 burns,  but had a lot of questions afterward.  If you ask questions and dont get answers that satisfy you, I would for ask the medical community for ideas.
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I had a total of 38 "applications"/burns but that was over 3 separate ablations. My EP didn't want to do more than that for fear I might end up with a pacemaker. Yes, I still have some PSVT but it's much better than it used to be and my heart is still in good shape.

I would ask why so many burns? Were they applied to just one or two spots or where they scattered over many areas of the heart?
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