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Is it possible to have atrial couplets, triplets or bursts?

In other words, are there atrial analogues of ventricular couplets, triplets/salvos and NSVT?  

From what I've gathered by looking at medical websites, you could at most have something that resembles an atrial couplet or triplet in the context of atrial fibrillation, but not an isolated event in the absence of a-fib.  I have not seen any legitimate websites that describe isolated atrial couplets, triplets and longer bursts.  If atrial couplets, triplets or NSAT (non-sustained atrial tachycardia) do not happen in isolation (or in the absence of a-fib), why not?  
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Yes, people can have PAC couplets and triplets and anything more then 3 PACS in a row is called PSVT.
Is it very rare to have 3-5 PACs in a row?  All the sources I found online state that PSVT lasts at minimum for a few minutes, not a few beats.  
I dont know that it's rare. I have episodes of PSVT lasting under a minute and most of the time the episodes are just seconds long.
When you say seconds long do you mean just a few seconds long?  My palpitations last 2-3 seconds max and consist of 2-3 beats.  I've never had anything longer than 5 seconds, at least that I'm aware of.    
Yes, some lasting just few seconds (3 or so) and some last several seconds..
What do you mean by palpitations? Palpitations is a blanket term and is ANY time a person is aware of their own heartbeat.
Do you get ectopics? I get PVCS and PACS, PSVT/SVT. I tend to feel my PACS more then my PVCS. I am not exactly sure why this is. I feel every single PAC (confirmed through monitoring) but I dont feel every PVC. This worries me a little as I have been suffering from dizzy/lightheaded spells lasting seconds but I dont feel any palpations when they happen.

Anyways, are you concerned that you are having runs of PACS? I dont know if this is true but I have read and heard several times that its somewhat better to be getting PACS then it is PVCS. I do not know why that's said if in healthy hearts they are both benign conditions... Perhaps it has something to do with the pumping efficiency. I know the higher up the beat comes from the more meaningful the contraction is.
I meant to say, the higher up the beat originates, the more meaningful the contraction is.
Yeah, that would make sense.  The higher up the more meaningful the contraction.  I read that SVT is better tolerated than NSVT, which won't kill you (by definition), but can cause a dizzy spell and cause you to drown or get into a fatal accident (if driving).  
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