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Is there anything seriously wrong with these ECG numbers?

I had a lifeline screening done and received a message that said all of my arteries looked completely normal, but  my ECG might need to be followed up with my doctor, because a possible abnormality may have been identified. My heart rhythm indicated possible ST segment changes or Q Waves. The rhythm looks strong and the beats look regular.  These are the numbers in my ECG. I am questioning whether these people really know what they are talking about. This is the first time I've ever gone to one of these kinds of screenings.  

Vent. Rate: 83 bps
RR Interval: 720 ms  
PR Interval: 176 ms
QRS Duration: 86 ms
QT Interval: 396 ms
QTc Interval: 436 ms  
QT Dispersion:80 ms
P-R-T AXIS: 51 -28 62  

I am just wondering how serious this is. It is actually scaring me to death and making me feel like I'm going to have a heart attack just worrying about. Do you think it will wait until I can get an appointment with a doctor or is my life  in any immediate danger.

Thank you for your help in answering this question for me. I have never been very sick in my entire life. It is scaring me a little.

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