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Is this SVT again or a panic attack?

Hi there

I am 19 year old healthy female. Who had an ablation Aug 1st, since then i have been havig PVCS/PACS and a fast heart rate with lightheadedness. Yesterday I was sitting comfortably when I suddenly started to sweat and got lightheaded with a fast heart rate and frequent PVCS/PACS. I went to the ER during my episode (sweating subsided) only to hear it was just anxiety/panic attack and my ablation is still considered successful

I am still lightheaded 24 hours later but left the hospital in normal sinus rythm.  Confused and scared.
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Well, depends what you were ablated for. An ablation for SVT, for example, is not going to fix PVC's.

That said it doesn't necessarily have to be one or the other. Anxiety aggravates PVC's and PAC's.
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I was in the hospital for afib a couple of years ago.  The day I came home before I could even take a shower, my heart rate was up to 130.  I freaked out, went back to the ER, and it was just sinus tachycardia from stress.  As soon as I found out it wasn't afib or SVT, it went back to normal.
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