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Is this Svt? VT or Afib plz help

This Sunday just gone
I was in the car with my husband
I felt very nauseous and I was feeling something is coming up
Then I started having skipped beats and I was trying to put my concentration outside the car like other cars and clouds and I was try to put my attention towards my husband's conversation but then suddenly I had a pause beat and BAM really fast heart beats with very bad head rush
My head actually felt like it will stop working my ears was blocked as I have inserted cotton in them and there and then I took my heart rate on my iPhone app and it was 124bpm but maybe it was higher before I checked then in 10 mins it got to 97bpm
I'm so scared what was that Svt it VT or Afib
I didn't have any chest pain
Just had nausea skipping beats then fast beats and head rush
I really felt I'm going to die
I'm really so scared
I want to go back to my GP
The problem is they don't listen to me cause they done all test
But I have heard for Svt or VT it have to shown on the ecg
I had 7 days holter monitor but I never had 30 days one...
I can't even walk fast without having this awful palpitations,
I'm worst having them everyday after meals
What are these?
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