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Is this normal? should I be concerned?

I am worried that my doctor is not taking my symptoms seriously.  The results came back during this corona virus shutdown  I am a 68 yr old female that had an ablation 2 yrs ago for afib. I had 25 sve's for holter monitor testing, moderate leaking mitral valve, mild tricuspid, mild aortic  I am already taking metoprolol.  I have symptoms with loss of breath for a second or two. I am fatigued  
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Call them and ask to speak to a nurse and describe your symptoms. We aren’t neglecting heart failure patients.

Unfortunately if you get COVID with your comorbidities quite frankly you will probably die. It causes viral myocarditis, cardiomyopathy and seriously advances heart failure and valve disease.

Don’t mean to scare you or anything but that’s reality. The Virus can kill you and with a history of AFIb I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’ve probably had some atrial stretch and fibrosis; whatever you’re experiencing now would be a joke compared to what a case of Covid would do.

So we are attempting to ensure that you in particular leave the house as little as possible. What’s needed is for you to call and have a conversation with a nurse so that the risk of bringing you in vs staying at home can be assessed.
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Unfortunately at this time most medical offices and hospitals are pretty swamped.  I am not a doctor but suspect that if you left them a message about your symptoms they would have contacted you if there was cause for concern.  25 sve's, which I will assume are atrial premature beats, isn't anything to be concerned about.  A loss of breath for a second is also not of great concern.  If you were struggling to breath for an extended period of time that would be concerning.  The metoprolol could be contributing to your fatigue but it's hard to say.  I will say, at this point in time, they would rather limit patient's exposure to the virus and therefore, would only encourage a visit to the doctor office unless absolutely necessary.  If you have the ability to contact the office by email, that may help you get a response from the assuring you that you are ok at this point in time.  I don't think this is an indication that the afib is coming back but again I am not a doctor.  So see if your doctor has a web portal you can sign up for so you can communicate questions to them and they can answer you when they have time.  But we do have to be patient right now as the medical community is under a lot of stress from the virus.  Please stay safe and healthy and if you ever find it difficult to breath for an extended period of time call your primary doctor for guidance.  Take care and hang in there.  This will not go on forever.  
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