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Just joined, and saying hello.

Hello all.  I am 61 years old and have had minor afib for many years.  This past June it took off and I was in the hospital for 10 days while they tried to get me back into rhythm by tinkering with drugs and doses.  I left the hosptial on fleccainide, propanolol and some stuff for my BP.  After a few weeks of flecc' I was having trouble sleeping and having vivid dreams.  I thought it might be the propanalol, so Dr switched me to Sotalol.  Sotalol hasn't been too effective so we are going to try Rhytmol.  An ablation was not successful.

Like many of the entries I have read on this site, I am on an emotional rolloer coaster.  Dr tells me, as others have said here, they are not life threatening, but those who have not experienced thir ticker jumping around in the thier chest don't get it.

So, I am looking to make some new "freinds" and find some support.  I think I am in the right place!  :-) Looking forward to some conversations.
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I'm taking rhythmol (600/day) and cardezam (360/day) and haven't had an episode since late August.  I tried solatol and atenonol and they didn't work for me.
I talked to the cardiologist a month or so ago and he said I'm an excellent candidate for ablation.  He's done 1000s of them for the last 20 years and claims a 90-95% cure rate.
Posting to this forum and reading the stories of other afib sufferers, I wonder if ablation is such a hot thing, especially since so many people have it done and continue to have problems.
I am 61 years old too, and expecting my 2nd grandchild in mid Dec.  I'm looking for a new lease on life rather than more heart problems.  I hope ablation works for me.
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Welcome to the forum.
My name is Susie, I don't have A-Fib, but do have all kinds of PAC's and ectopic beats that scare me to no end.
I am very blessed by this site and hope you will be too.
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