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Leg Pain - Maybe atherosclerosis / cardiovascular issue

I know this isn't the best forum for cardiovascular discussion, but it's the closest one available. My girlfriend (Britny) has been having these pains: In right calf for one month (in what seems to be her posterior tibial artery), right side of neck up to her right temple for 4 weeks, right arm for 1 week, & chest, left arm, left leg, and left side of neck for 3 days. She went to the doctor last night and got bloodwork and an x-ray done (Doc thought it might be a fracture in her right foot but there was none). He gave her some anti-inflammatory medicine and the option to wear a splint if she wanted to. He didn't bother to diagnose the pains on her left side or upper body. Britny has said that it feels as though a vein in her right calf and right side of her neck and head are throbbing, and this happens on and off almost every day whether she is engaging in physical activity or not. She is 19, healthy overall with a BMI under 30, good blood sugar levels, moderate blood pressure, and apparently normal cholesterol levels (the doctor took blood work). After searching online, the closest thing that has come to describing her symptoms is atherosclerosis and specifically peripheral arterial disease. However, she has barely any of the risk factors associated with atherosclerosis. Superficial thrombophlebitis also sounds possible. Please help and offer clues as to what may be wrong with her. Thank you.
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I really doubt that a 19 year old has PAD.    But strnager things have happened I guess.

Does she have a good solid pulse around her ankles?  There's a good atrial pulse signal on the outside of the ankle.  It's sorta faces the front of the ankle, slightly above the ankle, toawrds the outside.   An ankle-brachial index (ABI) test can be done by a doc to check.
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