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Let's try and keep PVC questions under 1 or 2 thread per day

Just a suggestion… But how about if we try and keep all questions under one thread per day.
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Why?  Aren't PVCs and PACs heart rhythym problems?  
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Yes, they are heart rhythm related but they are not a disease in itself, therefore keeping questions about them in one thread allows other to post about specific heart rhythm disorders. It was only a suggestion, you can post however you feel.
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"Aren't PVCs and PACs heart ryhthm problems?"

Yes, they are but many of those who post about them are really suffering from cardiac neurosis, asking the same questions again and again.  The PVCs/PACs themselves are basically harmless.  Many PVC posters are posting because they are anxious and fearful. Unfortunately, the EP answering the questions on the new Heart Ryhthm Ask a Doctor Board likely isn't qualifed to deal with the subject of anxiety/cardiac neurosis.  He is an expert on the treatment of EP based arrhythmias. On this patient-to-patient board, you'll just continue to have anxious (but basically heart healthy) patients talking to others with the same fears, reinforcing established patterns and neurosis. I've been posting on medhelp and related heart boards for 4-5 years and I see many of the same hard core neurotics whining year and year.  Regrettably, many have made little improvement in dealing with their fears. They really should be posting on an anxiety board having a trained psychiatrist to answer a couple of questions daily and to provide treatment gudance and an occasional realty check for them. JMHO
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Now we get a heart rhythm discussion forum and then is told the same old same old about PVCs and PACs by some, FACT, the vast majority of rhythms disturbances are "benign and harmless" even though they cause a great deal of anxiety and discomfort to all or at least most concerned, YOU KNOW WHAT , if they didn't nobody would be commenting on these forums.The FACT remains that rhythms irregularity often cause anxiety and NOT vice versa as some would like most to think! Just my 2cents for the day from someone who has had PVCs that can finally ignore them most of the time, you know what helped more than anything, visiting this forum and chatting with others in a similar boat. GO figure.
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wait now we are being told we can only have 2 questions of pvc/pac i dont think so first they dont want us on the other one now they telling us how many questions we can ask, get a life i will be on both asking questions about my pac if they are scareing me ive been here 6 years and i dont care who it up-sets never had this problem before why now, .
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Whoa.... slow down a minute. I only made a suggestion to keep PVC questions under one or two threads per day. If anyone has a legitimate different question to ask then for sure make another thread. PVCs are just as much a symptom of heart disease as it is heart rhythm disorders. I have Long QT Syndrome and PVCs are not related to this syndrome at all but for LQTS's who have them too much they can cause problems.So I am the last person who thinks that people who have PVCs are whiners.... I know first hand how annoying and scary they can be. Please... I didn't mean to offend ... I was only trying to keep the board in order.
Again, sorry
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