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Lifestyle change and strange PVC change

HI all!  Some of you might know me from posting here and there for many years.  If I find something interesting as I research on myself, I post.

Anyway, I was trying to lose some weight, went to the gym, and gained about 5 pounds (yeah, I know...muscle weight) however, I didn't lose any fat because my clothes kept getting tighter.  Meanwhile, I was eating healthier and not eating more.  Soooooooooooo I found The Belly Fat Cure on the web (Jorge Cruz [sic])  I started this NO sugar, no aspartame, splenda, saccharin, and only 6 carbs a day about 2 months ago.  Without starving, I lost 12 pounds.  My moods are better, and I no longer have hypoglycemic reactions.  Yay for me, right?

So I keep watching website and it tells me that the BEST foods you can eat for hormones (women over 40) are salmon, eggs, spinach, cinnamon and flaxseed oil.  I have learned to incorporate each in my diet per day.  Since I was having HORRIBLE leg cramps even on magnesium and potassium, I also added two circulation complexes to my regimen.  Cramps have gone down by 80 percent, which is ALMOST acceptable.  HOWEVER>>>>I am getting the pvc runs here and there.  The ones that feel like imminent death (lol).  One on top of another that cause me to jump and panic.  Then they stop, but the residual effect is anxiety for a while.

Also, this lifestyle change, (I am absolutely sure cutting sugar and carbs is right for me), and extra Omega-3s are not showing any help for my muscle pain from fibromyalgia (just a side note).  And I still feel fatigued a lot, whereas with this weight loss I should have more energy.

I wrote this because I read where fish oil is causing more PVCs in some people.  Will they EVER get this right?
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I am following a no sugar, healthy diet as well and feeling pretty miserable in spite of it.  I had one of my worst arrhythmia episodes while on fish oil. I stopped and didn't have  the same type of sustained arrhythmia for quite awhile.  I recently started taking a fish oil that also has CoQ10 in it. (I had read so much about the benefits of both that I thought it might help and maybe my last fish oil experience was a fluke)
I have been having my worst period of arrhythmia ever - but I don't think the current fish oil has made things either better or worse.  My only suggestion is maybe trying a different brand?
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It's good to hear from you; been wondering where you've been at. Kudos for losing weight!

I agree--the whole omega-3 thing is confusing and the results do seem to vary a lot from person to person. LAWtoLAD's point about trying a different brand is a good suggestion; the content of the supplements can be quite variable and then sometimes they change the ingredients in the same brand you've been using for a while without any labeling alert, I've found.

For me personally, palpitations seem to get worse with flaxseed pills, but not with a teaspoon or tablespoon sprinkled on my oatmeal in the morning. I add it after cooking because I read somewhere that it's not heat stable.

I find fish oil seems to help me feel better, but not above 1,000 mgs. (Some tablets are 1,200 mgs.) The CoQ thing (tried different brands and dosages) made my pvcs worse, but I know a lot of the folks on the forum have had the opposite experience and swear by it.
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Very strange.  I have taken Fish oil before and didn't have problems.  This time I am taking CoQ10 with fish oil in it.  Now, for the most part, I have NO PVCs.  At night, though I can get these weird runs.  Anyone who has read my past posts, knows I've had some of the worst PVC problems and have had them since I was 19.  You would think by now they wouldn't bother me, yet somehow our bodies morph into doing things that work it up.  

These runs feel strange...like possibly multifocal on top of each other.  That bothers me. And I believe if I didn't "jump up" they wouldn't go back to normal on their own....I don't like them much...lol
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boy i hope your wrong i take a lot of fishoil because of a 450 cholesterol and continuing clogged arteries. I can't tolerate most statins so excercise and diet is my drug of choice, but the irregular heart beat (pvc's and afib) episodes have increased in conjunction with the regimine of omega3
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well, you know I'm a total fan of fish oil! It has changed my life completely. I still have the pvc's, but do not have palpitations or constant pvc's anymore, and that's since I take fish oil. It's almost as it keeps it under control somehow. However, as I believe my pvc's are strongly linked to reflux (although I don't have the typical reflux symptoms), I take an enteric coated reflux free fish oil (2x1000mg/day). It doesn't smell fishy, and I take it with my meals, and never had any problems. Normal fish oil can possibly trigger reflux in some people, hence make pvc's worse? It's my theory anyway... However, no caffeine, no alcohol, and avoid reflux creating meals whenever you can. I know you know all that, I keep repeating myself, but after 15 years of misery and suffering, I'm in heaven, and I hope my posts can help others the same way posts (about fish oil!) have helped me.
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I think fish oil has different affects on different people.  I get more pvc's when i'm on it and  I don't have reflux issues.  My father gets extra beats when he supplements, and as soon as he stops the oil, the problem goes away.
Skippi, glad this is successful for you!  

Here's a recent article for fish oil users about certain brands and PCB contamination.

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Although I'm hypoglycemic, if I go too low on carbs, I get more pvc's.  Eggs especially and salmon are other triggers for me.  It would be interesting to know why certain foods/supplements affect heart rhythm.  It's frustrating being bombarded by all the recommendations on what we "should" do and take, as if the advice is a blanket cure for all of us.  Listening to our instincts may be more beneficial, but we hear so much, I, personally am losing my instinct connection.
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