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Lisinopril / HCTZ Tab 20-25

I am currently taking Lisinopril / HCTZ to lower my blood pressure.
Since my blood pressure is now in the 95/67 range, my doctor told me to reduce the dose. When I tried to reduce from 1 tab to 3/4 tab, I felt my heartbeat was faster than normal. I thought this medication lowers the blood pressure and has nothing to do with the heartrate. Anyone has experience with Lisinopril / HCTZ ?  Thanks.
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I took it for about 11 months how I went into a weight loss/exercise program...then bam, thats when I started to get PVST about a year ago.

Can't say it was that, but I wonder to this day. It certainly works for lowering BP.
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You'll get a kick outta this...As God as my witness, I found a small bag of week yesterday...smells good...saving it for my 60th :)
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I guess it can be a compelling argument that rapid weight loss could do it, but while I also shed 25 kilo's I never lost more than 1% of my weight in a weeks time and my palps started to occur at about 12 kilo loss?

When I cut out the lisinopril they stopped for a short time, then I cut the HCTZ and they stopped for a short time, only to come back stronger and more frequent.

Thats why I'm here, why o why?
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I had my heart paps probably all my life but never noticed them. After losing 25 kilos in a short space of time my heart problems seemed to get worse.
Never had problems with BP until I had a chemical cardioversion. After that it has been on the low side and actually needed pills to get it up.
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PSVT, they should have an edit feature :) spell check too.
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