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Living with AET/SSS?

I was looking for anyone else who suffers from Atrial ectopic tachycardia, or Sick Sinus Syndrome.

What medicines are you using with good results and such?
Does anyone else suffer from exercise intolerence?

Suggestions are helpful too!
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Forgot to ask..

What has worked to get you back into a normal rhythm or to atleast bring you down from extremely fast beats?
For me (toporol) metoprolol givin in an IV brings my heart rate down but doesn't convert me. Adenosine is completely useless. I havent been shocked yet, im hoping that doesn't happen.

I tried bisoprolol (zebeta) 5mg oraly brought my heart rate down too much.. it was about 45bpm resting. So im back to 12.5mg metoprolol daily.
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I got wpw (AT, A-Fib) and SSS.  They cannot use IV med to slow my heart rate due to the absent of av node and with an accessory pathway.  They use pacemaker to pace it out (mode switching) or regular my heart rate.  Doc tried to prescribe a combination of Flecainide with Lanoxin, or Atenolol, or Verapamil.  I can't tolerate them.  And finally the Flecainide was not working after a few months.  Now I didn't on any med.  Yeh, all doctors still asked me to keep exercise, play spot etc.

Are your SSS caused by med or actually the Sinus node dysfunction (Lazy heart)?
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They aren't sure.. They couldn't destinguish it between ectopic atrial tachycardia or Sick sinus syndrome.

I had never had any heart problem other than exercise intolerence untill my first episode of tachycardia and palpitations.
When ever I have an episode it switches between a pretty normal sinus rhytm just large p wave morphology, to atrial flutter and atrial fibrilation.

Metoprolol Given Intravenously made my ecg come back normal, just slightly tachycardic. So i dont know what to think.
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