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I am not exactly sure where to post this and so I hope this is the proper place.

I have been having dizzy/lightheaded (not room spin dizzy) spells since 2010. They started off being a rare occurrence, once every several months lasting a second or so but starting last year they have become much more frequent, sometimes daily and are more intense lasting a couple seconds longer at times, maybe 3 to 5..

I have seen cardiologist, nuerologist and many other drs. I had an echocardiogram (EF 50/55%), stress test and even monitor last year that were normal except something called diastolic dysfunction (told not to worry about it) and the normal PVCS, PACS and some SVT.
I had 2 MRIs of my brain without contrast, a couple ct scans of my brain without contrast and a 1 hour eeg.. All normal..

This year the spells continued, I had another one hour EEG (had to have been normal hence the 6 hour), a 6 hour EEG (no results yet but I'm sure they will be normal), another echocardiogram (EF up to 75%) and mild thickening to heart was noted but otherwise normal from what the PA told me, I haven't seen the report for myself and a 2 week monitor that showed PVCS, PACS, PSVT, VENTRICULAR CUPLETS and something new. On 3 different days 8/23, 8/25 and 8/27. I recorded twice 1st degree AVB and once 2nd degree AVB, Wenckebach type 1.  I do not know what the symptoms were at the time that I made these recordings because the phone they gave me kept malfunctioning and not pulling up the log where you record symptoms when you make a recording. I went last week for the follow up and to go over these monitor results and found my cardio was on extended maternity leave and will not be returning until mid January and so I had to see her nurse.  She told me about the usual but didn't say anything about those 3 recordings and so I asked her. She didn't really explain it well or tell me if I should be concerned or not. She didn't really go into detail about my echo either and just recently someone told me an EF of 75% isn't good.
I have sense made an appointment with a new cardio as I feel abandoned by my dr and want to see an actual dr, not a nurse practitioner..

So, this past Thursday I made an appointment with the EP I saw 10 years ago and had the appointment today. He recommended not doing another EP study because I had one 10 years ago for the SVT and something else that I cant recall what it was now and he was unable to provoke arrythmia long enough for mapping and so I didn't get to have ablation. He says I could be having some pauses that are lasting a few second or some sort of faster rhythm that's faster then the normal runs of SVT that I get. I told him about these episodes that I have had a few times in the last 10 years during sleep where I wake up gasping and choking and it literally feels like my heart stopped. I have not had many of these episodes but they seem to happen more when I'm also getting more dizzy spells. I remember these started around the same time in 2010. When they first started I was given a sleep study which showed no abnormalities but I didn't have an episode that night either. After I have an episode I am afraid to sleep for a long time. With all this information the EP dr suggested I do not attempt another event monitor because apparently its not catching the episodes since there is no way to know when they will happen. He suggested a loop recorder instead and it will be implanted hopefully next week.

I am curious to know if anyone here has had one and if so can tell me a little about your experience? Also, has anyone had a similar experience with these symptoms?

I know this post is VERY long and I am sorry for that. I just have been trying to figure out what's been going on with me all these years. I wish someone had suggested this before. I kinda feel like they just let me slip through the cracks. I am petrified. These episodes have started coming so much more frequently and I fear the worse outcome. I have 3 children with the youngest being only 4 years old and it hurts me to imagine them growing up without me. I have a history of sudden death on my fathers side. Him and his father died suddenly at 50 and 51 buttt I never met my father or his family and so I do not know exact cause of death or if there or others. I know my father had a younger brother that died at 17 years old but I was told he was on a rope swing over water and am unsure if there was an accident or if he drowned but just knowing that my father and his father died suddenly at only about 14 years older then I am now makes me fear what I have going on even more.
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