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Low Resting Heartbeat & Chest Muscle Pain

I'm a 24 yr old male, recently diagnosed with bradycardia. I carried an EKG overnight and i think at some point my resting heart rate dropped down to the twenties. I've been told by some doctors this might be normal because I could be an athlete, but I haven't done any form of cardio for the past 7 years. I haven't had any of the traditional symptoms ie. fainting, or weakening of any sort. However, I've had a dull pain near my left rib cage (exactly over the heart) for the past 3 years. Instead of a pacemaker, I was given some sort of asthma medication to increase my resting heart rate at night. Miraculously, the chest pain was less severe the next day.

I would like to ask if my chest pain was a result of my slow heart beat at night and if I really do have bradycardia (if i don't faint during the day etc). Finally, if this is the case, is there truly no way I can get healthy again? Exercise? I was recommended to not participate in any sports that require high exertion.
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There are no doctors here so that really must come from a doctor.  Was the monitor doctor prescribed?  I am curious if you had an echo done?  I would think an echo would be in order to make sure the heart is still functioning OK,   In the absence of symptoms you are probably OK but I would ask for a full work up of my heart if I was you.  
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I had every scan and even an MRI and everything was alright. They couldn't place a reason on why my heart was beating slower. But thank you for responding.
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