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Low heart rate (bradycardia)

I`m 24 years old male (185 cm/92 kg). 10 years ago I got diagnosis "panic disorder", ever since I have palpations, I can hear my heart beats all over my body, high blood pressure, panic attacks, hard breathing, my blood presure was  constantly around 140/90, my heart rate around 80 etc. Last month I worked as construction worker, I work hard 10 hours on day while the temperatures were around 40 Celsius. Also I stop smoking 7 days ago, after 4 years of passionate smoking. Now I don`t work anymore and now I resting at home, and now I can see some changes, over the day my heart rate is between 55-60 (bradycardia), when I lay down for sleeping my heart rate is 45-50 (bradycardia), and my blood pressure is around 110-120/60-70. I read that bradycardia can mean that something is wrong with my heart, maybe my heart is now weak. When I working something hard of course my heart rate incrase, but just 5-6 minutes after, my heart rate return on 60-70 bpm. I don`t have any symptoms except mild dizziness and sleepiness, but just when I lounging at home, but when I work something I don`t have any problems. Also, I still can hear my heart rate and I can hear sinus arrhythmia, when I breathing in my beats are faster and when in breath out I can hear pause and then one harder beat and after that slower beats. Also I was at my cardiologist one years ago he make ultrasound of my heart, 24h monitoring of my heart, EKG and physical examination with a stethoscope and he said that my heart is perfect and there is no need to come over cardiologist again.
Is this new readings normal? Should I be concerned about bradycardia? My biggest fear is heart attack and can this lower heart rate and lower blood pressure can be introduction into heart attayk? :/
Sorry for bad English and thanks for answers.
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Thank you so much for this answers :)
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I forgot to say: Lower heart rate and blood pressure is NOT AT ALL linked to the development of a heart attack. The only time bradycardia may be of concern is if it's caused by damages in the cardiac conduction system. Which it, in your case, isn't.

And congratulations on quitting smoking. That's the best thing you could do to prevent a heart attack in the future (and by future I mean several decades).
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Absolutely everything you've described is perfectly normal and healthy.

Your blood pressure is excellent, your heart rate is excellent and your increase and decline in heart rate is excellent. Sinus arrhythmia is a sign of a healthy heart.

There is absolutely no need for seeing a cardiologist again, trust your doctor when he told you that.

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