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Low h.r for an instant

I have a Xiaomi mi band 5 which is connected with my phone in an app.I have adjusted it to take automatically my pulse every minute and records it showing highest /lowest and average.
Sometimes and even today I was relaxing in my couch watching t.v  and saw my h.r in my watch said 40 and freaked. I checked it with my app and it hadn't recorded that low lowest was 48 . I am worried as 40 seems low. I do have a flare in Hashimoto thyroiditis meaning I need a new med but still seems low could it be a mistake??
I ve had palpitations these days with my acid reflux but feel fine with them.Is it dangerous so low even for an instant? I am  super stressed out and worried now.
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How old are you? Did you have any baseline heart checkups such as Echo and an ecg? If you did and those are normal then most likely what happened could be due to 2 reasons
1) the low heart rate recorded was probably an artifact. It could be that it didnt register or sense a beat and that was the reason for the low heart rate. I can give you an example with my pulse ox. I am standing and it showed my oxygen to be in 70 luckily i had another pulse ox that i used and it showed 99. If i really had a 70 SPO2 i wouldnt be feeling perfectly fine. Point is these devices arent really super accurate and can make mistakes.
2) Second reason could be that you probably had a very early PVC or PAC. Both are completely harmless in a normal structure heart. So what happens during an early PVC or PAC is that the heart beats very early after a normal sinus beat but there isnt much blood to push out so you wont feel a pulse if checked in your wrist. So it could be that you had one of those and that could be the reason that your device showed a low heart rate. If you are really worried you can consult a cardiologist but i highly doubt it will be anything serious. Also you dont say that you had any symptoms like dizzyness or chest pain so i assume you didnt. That further proves that the low heart rate recorded on device was either an artifact or due to a benign pvc or pac. You dont need to stress about it.
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I am 45. Last heart check up was 5 yrs ago which was perfect. No chol, triglycerides, b.sugar ok and yes no chest pain or dizziness at all. Thank you so much.
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