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Lungs or heart related?

Hey everyone. I've been here before haha! I'm a 24yr/ female. I've been having heart palpitations since 2016. Last year I went through a LOT of stress and so many health issues I *thought* I had. Technically, I have had health problems though... just not that "serious." I had a seizure in 2015 because of birth control and too high of sugar intake. Then I had misalignment of my spine/hips which I got fixed up just recently. I've also had insufficient nutrients/vitamins growing up that I am now dealing with including low magnesium, sodium, CoQ10, selenium, calcium, etc. I took vitamins last year for around 3 months but then stopped because they made me sick (I am very sensitive and get nauseous on vitamins). I got 5 vitamin infusions this year and just recently this month(april) got back on vitamins. I do not eat a relatively healthy diet. It is about 80% unhealthy and 20% healthy. I am trying to do better. I've had iron deficiency anemia as well.

I've had a lot of emotional stress/anxiety/depression that has come from my parents and sister. This year I decided to start thinking more positively and started getting health problems taken care of. I practically BEGGED the doctor to let me be on thyroid medicine. My thyroid was low and so she put me on low dose. I had goiter and the doctor said I needed more iodine. I notice my heart palpitations are less prominent when on this medicine- but I just got off. So basically I noticed I have congestion from allergies and I also have asthma. This causes me to have breathing problems and I notice my heart acts weird when that happens. I'm honestly really scared.. I'm only 24 years old. I've had a EKG or whatever that heart thing is and it came out normal. I've also had a ton of health professionals in the recent months tell me "it's just anxiety." I don't know if I should push for heart related help(heart disease??) or if I should just attribute it to COPD/ashthma/daily allergies from pets/dirt in my house/dander. Or should I just continue on my thyroid medicine and also get help for my allergies/asthma? My daily inhaler doses are not working and I feel just miserable with all this coughing. I want to live my life and not worry about my health anymore. I've put my parents through a lot, we don't have insurance and I'm tired of going to doctors.
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