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Magnesium. Does it ever have a negative effect?

Hi everyone

I keep hearing about the benefits of magnesium for heart rhythm and stress.  I took some one night and did feel calmer after an hour but also felt my heart was very 'slow.'

Wondering if anyone knows if there are any negative effects, or perhaps it might have just been a coincidence and I should try again.

I am very anxious about my pvc's and also certain chest sensations at the moment, but they seem to all be occurring in a cluster and for the first time in over 20 years I've had a 16 day period (day 17 tomorrow!).  Usually it only lasts 2 - 3 days for me and is very predictable, so I'm hoping my heart 'symptoms' are hormonally linked and also my feelings of panic (although there wouldn't be any panic if I had no heart symptoms).

Thanks  :-)
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When I first starting taking magnesium to correct a severe magnesium deficiency state I developed kidney failure. Before that freaks you out I have to say that I had insulin resistance for decades and this has caused some damage to my kidneys, which does not show up on labs interesting enough, but clearly my kidneys cannot handle magnesium very well.  

All I can say to that is if you note fluid retention due to taking magnesium your kidneys are not that up to scratch either. I only take magnesium supplement swhen I start feeling symptoms of low magnesium - a certainty if I eat sugary foods in my case.

I did have serious heart rhythm problems from magnesium deficiency btw. Calcium is needed to contract the muscle and magnesium is needed to relax the muscle. Both essential for a good heart beat eh? :)

Thanks Red Star.  Grateful for the kidney warning.  Kidney issues seem to run in my family.  At the moment though my nerves are frazzled re heart skips and the odd 'flutter' (haven't a clue what that is but it lasts about 3 seconds, it's either 4 really fast beats, or 2 skips and 2 misses together, and it occurs....sorry for TMI....about half an hour before a bowel action)...............anyway that was my long way of saying at the moment my main concern is if the magnesium could make heart symptoms worse.  I don't think I could handle it and would have to turn myself into the nearest ER..........or asylum...lol
That sounds like something to do with the vagus nerve with your heart rate changes and going to the bathroom soon after. I had a quick look online and found a condition called Roemheld syndrome. Check out the article as it lists various reasons for the condition.
The article on wikipedia I mean lol
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i take over 300mg a day and never had any problems, depends on what kind you are taking to much will cause you to run to potty. other than that i believe its ok. i get mine at a health vital place
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