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Magnesium and fish oil

I was recently diagnosed with atrial flutter. Does anyone use fish oil and or magnesium supplements to prevent the onset of atrial flutters or fibrillations ? Do these supplements help ?
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I get PAC's, premature atrial contractions. There are many things that trigger mine like caffeine, too much chocolate, stress, and fish oil. Many people can use fish oil and it helps, but for some of us it aggravates the arrythmia. I use magnesium and it does help me. Nature's Calm is the brand I use and it has made a big difference.  Are you on any kind of meds?
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By atrial flutter, do you mean pacs as in premature ventricular contractions?
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Ditto what Meri said.  I take Natural Calm.  Fish oil is a trigger for me, as is chocolate (my favorite food ever!), and of course the extra adrenaline that stress produces.  I clocked 19K pvc and pacs the other day.  Lovely...
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I take fish oil to help with arthritis pain and it is supposed to lower cholesterol. I have never heard that fish oil helps or hinders a-fib or flutter. When I started on fleckanide it converted me from AFib to AFlutter but AFlutter isn't any better or worse than AFib. The cardiologist explained that AFlutter was a more circular rhythm so the beats aren't as irregular as fib. My family doctor insists when I am in flutter that I am NSR because the beats are regular but the cardiologists says flutter. The last EKG I was Fib/Flutter whatever that is.
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Fish oil triggers my skips big time,,,I also use natural calm but I also have to use angstrom  mg as I need so much that regular mg gives me diarrhea, angstrom does not go thru your  digestive system so no diarrhea. I have to take mg 4 to 5X's everyday or my skips start up. On the few occassions skips occur I will take a pinch of xanax and within minutes I am better.
same with me, tried the xanax and it helps. I'm in the process of getting test done, so do not know to much about whats going on, I believe its mostly stress
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Thank-you all for your responses....I've recently been prescribed a med called multaq.
I'm also taking calcium magnesium before bed and this seems to have prevented the onset of flutters at night and into the morning...I'm not sure if it's the multaq, and or the calcium magnesium or a combo of both which has helped me.
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It's the magnesium, how much money does your doctor make when you take mg?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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Absolutely not!

A variety of factors go in to these diseases, but if you had to single out a singular major culprit:


Medicines, Pacemakers and Ablations are the only treatments that will work.

Implants, Echos and "Blood Thinners" help to control the risk for stroke.

In terms of something you can do at home.. Unfortunately for the bulk of cases reversing the physiologic effects of aging would be the only solution. If anyone discovers that, just remember me when you make your fortune :p
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