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Magnesium supplements, - to avoid,- how to take it and -safety

Hi all,

There are different types of magnesium:
Oral supplements
Magnesium oil
Magnesium shots

The best forms of magnesium are magnesium taurate, magnesium glycinate, magnesium citrate, magnesium malate, magnesium oratate and magnesium oil.

Oral supllements
I will mention some of the oral supplements. Magnesium is available in chelated (bound to) combinations such as alpha-ketogluconate, aspartate, glycinate, lysinate, orotate, taurate and others.

Chalated magnesium is far better absorbed than magnesium oxide but is more expensive. Complementary medicine practitioners rely on chelated magnesium, such as magnesium glycinate, taurate and oratate  (magnesium plus amino acids) to treat serious cases of magnesium deficiency. These kind of magnesiums have less laxative effect on the intestines than magnesium citrate, so they are recomended if you tend to have loose stools.

Magnesium taurate is a combination of the amino acid taurine and magnesium that has special properties for the heart. Taken together in this combination, magnesium and taurine have a synergistic effect, stabilizing cell membranes, making this form of magnesium highly absorbed. Magnesium taurate does not have great laxative effect and is the recommendend form of magnesium for people with heart problems. It appears that the amino acid taurine is important for hearth health and may prevent arrythmias and protect the heart against the damage caused by heart attacks. Magnesium taurate requires oral supplemetation for six to twelve months to restore intracellular levels.

Magnesium citrate is probably the mostly widely used magnesium supplement because it is inexpensive, easily absorbed and only has a mild laxative effect. The best form is magnesium citrate powder mixed in water that can be taken everyday.

Magnesium malate combines magnisium with malic acid, a weak organic acid found in vegetables and fruit, especially apples. The weak bond with magnesium makes it readily soluble in the body. Malic acid is a key component of several energy making chemical reactions in the body. Researchers have used magnesium malate succesfully to treat the chronic fatigue, pain and imsonia of fibromyalgia. Dimagnesium malate increases the amount of magnesium available to the body; it has the same properties as magnesium malate.

Magnesium oxide appears to have high amount of elemental magnesium. One 500 mg capsule of magnesium oxide contains 300 mg of elemental magnesium. But little of that amount is avaialable to the body beacause it is not absorbed and therefore not biologically avaialable.  One recent study reported 4 percent absorption rate of magnesium oxide. This means 12 mg of 500 mg capsule are absorbed and 288 may stay in the intestines, acting like a laxative. Imagine how much favorable the result would be if a more absorbable form of magnesium were used.

Magnesiums to avoid
Avoid magnesium glutamate; it breaks down into the neurotransmitter glutamic acid, which without being bound to other amino acids is neurotoxic. Glutamic acid is a component of aspartame, which should also be avoided.

Avoid magnesium aspartate; it breaks down into the neurotransmitter aspartic acid, which without being bound to other aminoacids is neurotoxic. Aspartic acid is a component of aspartame,which als should be avoided.

How to take magnesium
Take your first dose of magnesium when you wake up in the morning and the last dose at bedtime. Magnesium is most deficient in the early morning and late afternoon. Most people find magnesium as good as a sleepin pill to help them get a good night’s rest.

Magnesium can be taken with or without meals, but it is preferable to take it between meals for better absorption. Magnesium requires stomach acid to be absorbed. After a full meal, your stomach acid is busy digesting food and may not be avaialable to helpl absorb magnesium. Also magnesium is an alkaline mineral and acts like an antiacid: taken with meals, it may neutralize stomach acid and impair digestion.
f you develop loose stools while taking magnesium, it does not necessarily mean you are absorbing enough and losing the rest; it may mean you are taking to much at one time. NEVER TAKE YOUR DAILY MAGNESIUM ALL AT ONCE. Spread it out throughthe day; four times a day is best if you have been experiencing diarrhea. If that does not do the trick, you probably need to cut back the amount you are taking or switch to another type or brand of magnesium.

If you are taking a multivitamin-mineral supplement, remember to check the amount of elemental magnesium on the label and count it in your daily total.

The safety of magnesium supplements
For the average person, oral magnesium, even in high dosages, has no side effects except loose stools, whichs is a mechanism to release excess magnesium and an indication to cut back. Excess magnesium is also lost through the urine.

If you have any question feel free to ask,

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You are 100% wrong. Magnesium Aspartate is the best form and best absorbed magnesium available. It has nothing to do with Aspartame. Aspartic acid is a nonessential Amino acid, meaning that our own bodies produce it, and it plays a role in hormone production and nervous system function. Aspartic acid is not a component of Aspartame. Aspartame and Aspartic acid are two completely different compounds that have nothing to do with each other.
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you are right, I cant believe the ignorance on some of these "health sites"
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I'M taking magnesium citrate 400 mg for a week now and still have loose stools. I don't take it all at once but in three portions during the day. Any suggestions?
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Thank you for the imfo but would you please explain the benefits  of magnesium......I've been taking Natural Calm for about a month now and the results have been terrific. This is after suffering for decades. No doctor ever mentioned that mag might be helpful. Why do you think that is?
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If you had to choose which would be more benefical for asthma would it be Magnesium as magnesum amino acid chelate made into Magnesum Glycinate and Magnesum Lysinate by albion labs or SOmething wit elemental magnesium as diamagnesum malate 500 mgs and Malic Acid 1550 mg, are both possible or is one or both impossible? I'm kin of newe to the magnesum thing
please let me know which one you'd think would be better and why if you can
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Aspartame is a dipeptide consisting of L-aspartic acid and L-phenylalanine.
No glutamate in there. It's probably the glutamate in the MSG, monosodiumglutamate, an equally undesirable compound, that's causing the confusion.

Further, magnesium glutaMate should not be confused with magnesium glutaRate, the salt of glutaric acid, which is only slightly neurotoxic, mostly in metabolic conditions. The difference between the two is an aminogroup in glutamic acid, which -apart from being a potential neurotoxin- also is an important neurotransmitter.

Magnesium is well absorbed if taken on an empty stomach (morning or before bed); absorption is enhanced if taken together with vitamin C, Calcium and B vitamins.

Magnesium seems to have over 18000 functions in the body, so if you would please excuse me, Viperron, for not expanding on your question. Google 'magnesium benefits' and you'll get more than you can digest.

ron - colonquixote
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I have to start taking magnesium oxide, my question is:  I take Ultram for pain can  i take magnesium oxide with it?   Please let me know as soon as possible.  
Thank you.
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I recently bought a magnesium supplement, Zinc,magnesium and vitamin B6.
When it arrived I noticed the ingredients are listed as Magnesium Aspartate 900mg, Zinc Monomethhionine Aspartate 60mg, Vitamin B6 24mg

after reading your articles re the danger of taking magnesium in the form of magnesium Aspartate I wrote to the company stating what I had read etc and asking their views on if it were safe to take, and why as a long standing Vitamin & supplement supplier they were selling a product that was potentially dangerous. I later asked them why I had never recieved a reply to my enquiry that I sent through the contact section of their website. They replied stating they had never received it ! I have since looked again and they no longer sell it. (coincidence ?) Can someone tell me if it is safe for me to take or have I wasted my money and will be better off not taking it. ?
Many thanks to anyone who can answer this for me.
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My primary care physician said magnesium is likely to cause diarhhea and did not recommend it.  The pharmacist said it is not recommended as we age -- I am 67 -- because it is hard on the kidneys.  Hope some of this is helpful.  What does your physician say?
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Hi 35 year old female here. I take wellbutrin in the morning and .50 mg of xanax before bed. Wondering if it's safe to take magnesium along with these 2 meds. I tend to have loose stools as it is, so im not sure what kind I should take. Also wondeing if a magnesium deficiency was the problem for me all along. Any insight is appreciated! Thanks.
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After many months to try to figure out which magenesium to buy for my extrew anxious 24/year old son and also for me just to be healthy i made my decision to purchase magnesium taurate but need to know which is the best most absorbable brand in the market as money is an issue and i will be buying this for life.  Thanks 4 advice, Magali from Maui
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Are you taking , it for PAC/ pvs if so can you tell any difference yet
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In your article about Magnesium supplements, the fourth paragraph begins with Chalated, which may be confusing for some readers.  Also I was under the impression that an empty stomach was not secreting as much stomach acid for digestion.
I for one, was still looking for information within this article about the other forms of magnesium. And possible magenesium testing.
This excellent article has been shared with:
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everything I have read about magnesium says to "take with food" so I am a bit confused on the best time ot take it.
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I found a suppliment.. by cardiovascular research ltd.. Its magnesium taurate, 125mg... Does that mean its only part magnesium and part taurine?   i see natural calm has like 300 mg of magnesium.. another brand was 200mg of mag glycinate per pill...I am a little confused about how much magnesium is in 125mg mag taurate
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I have always read that indeed we need MORE magnesium as we age as it is depleted from the body the older we get.  This makes sense to me logically speaking.  In my opinion, physicians don't really know what they're talking about in regard to nutrients.  Never have....they don't teach it in med school.
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Magnesium Glycinate was recently added to the California Proposition 65 list of known carcinogenic chemicals.  Whole Foods stopped carrying the Solgar preparation of Magnesium Glycinate in California for this reason.
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where did you take this out from? Magnesium clycinate is totally safe. The list you mention doesnt include it inside
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i suffer quite a few ailments that would improve greatly with vitamin k2.problem is i have had blood clots and pulmenary embolisms diagnosed aps ,i used to be on warfarin but now take asprin to prevent clots .can i use vitamin k2 or is it a complete no no
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