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Managing Palpitations?

Hi. I'm a 29 year old female who has  been dealing with palpitations for the past two years. They first started about 3 months after my first baby was born, and I thought perhaps it had something to do with being tired/stressed/not eating right. They were very frequent, however (episodes lasting 10-20 minutes a couple of times a day), so I went to see my doc. He listened to my heart, and pretty much told me I was fine and that I was experiencing PVCs. Great. About 5 months later, I started having issues with a racing heart beat, where my heart would be racing around 110bpm, along with palpitations. I tried my best to deal with it, and they eventually sort of disappeared for several months. About a year ago, I became pregnant with my second baby, and the PVCs and racing episodes started up again, but then quickly disappeared completely for most of my pregnancy. It was BLISS. After she was born, things were great! Until about 3-4 weeks ago, when things started up again. Right now I'm dealing with palpitations (fluttering/flip-flop sensations) off and on throughout the day. At the end of my pregnancy, they did a heart test (not sure which one, but the one with the sticky nodes on your chest, ankles, etc., and it lasts for about 1 minute, if that). I assume it came back fine, as no one said anything to me about it. No other tests have been done. I've considered going back to the doc to discuss it again, but the last time I did, he again reassured me that the palpitations are benign. I'm still worried, though.  :-/  Anyone have any advice about how to manage this? Or if I should see another doctor?

Other info: I am on a low dose of Labetalol for high blood pressure, a result of my first pregnancy (I had preeclampsia/HELLP syndrome, and the high BP became chronic after).
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Hi There.  You could go to a cardiologist and request a completer cardiac work out - stress test, echocardiogram.  The reassurance that everything is fine with your heart may help you relax and not worry about the pvcs.  Unless they are very, very frequent - over 20K a day, they usually don't treat them in a normal heart.  I was thinking that you racing heart episodes may have been related to stress...with little ones at home, things can get like that!

Keep posting, let us know how you are doing.

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