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Many symptoms, still no diagnoses

I am 24... for years I have had a multitude of symptoms but until recently a cardiologist is finally taking me seriously. I have a constant rapid heart rate, constant high blood pressure, (last time was 163/120 on one arm and 170/100 on the other) I am not over weight, often I get chest pains and numbness in my left arm, Often times I get dizzy with some episodes of syncope. The doctor says my symptoms are "troubling" but cant come up with a diagnoses so far. They have done an echo... with a mitral valve prolapse... ekg, event monitor, halter monitor, chest xrays, alot of blood tests, urine tests... I also have kidney stones all the time, vitamin d deficiency, Urine tests show + metanephrines and + catecholamines but a CT scan was negative so he doesn't want to "jump to a diagnoses of pheochromocytoma" because its rare.I have done different doses or propanalol and labetolol none of which have reduce blood pressure or helped the tachycardia... I am so frustrated and worried because he said some symptoms I have are associated with sudden death.. I have an aunt who died suddenly but no autopsy was performed due to her religious "rules"... what is next... what do I do from here? He(my cardiologist) suggested going to Mayo, but really is that what its going to take to get a diagnoses? He also said everything easy has already been ruled out... please help!!! Oh I guess I can add that my "baseline" heart rate is never lower than 120
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It's been a long time since I've posted on this website but I read your post and wanted to tell you about my experience at Mayo.  I also had a mulititude of symptoms with no diagnosis.  I went to the Mayo clinic in Florida and had the best experience.  I started with an internal med doctor who listened and I was in his office for 2 hours.  From there, he sent me to different specialities all within the clinic.  They have people that do all this for you and although it takes time, usually over days--they were extremely efficient and did their best to schedule quickly and to work with me.

When you have blood work done first thing in the morning, the results are with the first physician you see.  They have computers in their offices and can look at results of bloodwork, CT's, MRI's and everything you have done.  Everybody is in sync and the whole process is really refreshing considering all I had been through before heading there.

My cardiologist (one of 4) also recommended Mayo as well as a good friend.  I am glad I went although I didn't leave with a diagnosis, I left knowing I had been very thoroughly checked out and found some comfort in that.

Best to you.
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just a shot: an ectopic pheo that isn't in the scanned locations?

btw, do you get dizzy when you stand up?
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NTB-they are doing more scans to see if they missed it, they are also checking my pancreas to see if there may be something there as well.. YES i get dizzy when I stand up ... its horrible but sad to say that I am used to it now.

tanns- ty for sharing your experience with Mayo if or when I go it would be to the Mayo clinic in rochester minnesota
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