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Medicine Question...Bystolic/Lexapro

i went to the doctor today and he switched me Metroplol XR to Bystolic 5mg for my PVCs. I looked the medicine up as usual and it said on one of the websites not to take Bystolic if you have an irregular heartbeat(I know I shouldn't have been searching the internet) Does anyone have any exerience with this?

Also he gave me Lexapro to help with that anxiety over these anyone had sucess with this, I heard it can be quite nasty.
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maybe you should ask why next time but I'm wondering if your dr had to change you heart med to put you on lexapro but I dont know for sure.
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I have been taking bystolic since September and so far it's worked better than the atenolol I was taking.  It actually helps with PVCs and the atenolol really didn't, in fact it seemed like it had quit working.  I have had fewer side effects with bystolic.
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I took Lexapro for about a month and at first it worked, but it felt like I was a zombie (hope that makes sense) kind of zoned out - I assume that's what it's supposed to do? dr never told me anything.

I didn't notice any help with anxiety/depression issues though and when my month was done, I didn't go back. Still woke up with nightmares, panic attacks etc.

btw...I was also taking Zebeta and ProAmitine so that could be why, not sure how some meds interact with others, mention it to your dr :)
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Oh sorry, he didn't switch my heart meds because of the Lexapro, he just said that he felt the Metoprolol wasn't working well for the PVCs. The Lexapro is just for the anxiety:)
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Thanks! That is what the doctor told me, he said that Bystolic should be easier on my body and not make me as tired. My metoprolol seemed like it was really working, then things went right back to the way they were last week. I hope that I have the same sucess with Bystolic as you did!
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Hey thanks! Thats what my dad said, he has taken Lexapro for his anxiety and he told me if his dose is too high he feels really strange but as long as they keep it lower, it works good. I am going to try it this weekend when I hav esome time off school, in case I get side effects. I will proably start the Bystolic Friday and the Leaxapro Saturday or Sunday....that way I can tell what side effects go with what...you know how it is for us POTS people, I tend to be sensitive to meds and get a lot of side effects. The joys of having POTS and heart problems:)
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