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Metoprolol Tartrate


My cardiologist switched me from Toprolol ER to Lopressor 25mg about 3 weeks ago. This past week, I started developing a dry cough. I had a nurse practioner come to my house and look at me, she said I had allergy rhinitis and to just take a zyrtec daily until it clears up. My question is this. I have been having tight chest and coughing. A slight heaviness sensation in my chest. I saw that side effects for this med consitst of heart failure and heart block. I just want to make sure these are not side effects of allergies, but rather possible heart block from my med!? I am 24 years old, have had more heart tests then most people who need it on this site. Echo, Stress tests, EKGs, Holters, all look good, just periods of inappropraite sinus tachycardia. Any input would be great, since I have started this new med, my pulse is very calm and normal again. I used to have constant pounding/tachy before. Thanks!
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I don't think it would be likely.
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Toprolol is the same thing as Lopressor  I think.   The only difference would be you were taking the extended release.
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I know they are the same, and that one is slow release while the other is fast acting. My question is, in a structurally normal heart, can these meds causing heart block or heart failure?
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Beta blockers in general, even the cardio selective beta blockers can exacerbate asthma symptoms.  I had asthma as a child and have taken bystolic for several years.  But if I take a higher dose, which I tried once, it causes me to cough.  They lose some of their cardio selective properties as the dosage gets higher. However, at 25 mg of lopressor that shouldn't be a problem.  I would bet on allergies.
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At my request I was switched from Metoprolol Tartarate to Atenolol which is also a quick release.  But, the Atenolol has a much longer half life and I think it does a better job of holding me at a sufficient medicate level 24 hours a day by taking it twice a day.  I also recall the Atenolol is more selective as far as the brain barrier is concerned - not sure about allergies.  

I have a lot of nasal congestion, which is year around, not seasonal.  Neither Metopolol nor Atenolol seem to  have any affect on the congestion problem - or they have an equal affect as my congestion goes on the same in either way.

Both of these beta blockers are generic and very inexpensive.  The slow release is much more expensive, and not worth it to me, I can take a mediation morning and night and use the regular release generic.  Not one of your questions, but a factor in my mind.
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Thanks for everyone's advice, I will try and treat the allergies and see if symptoms go away.
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