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Metoprolol and my ECG Report

I did an ECG report at my PCP clinic. She prescribed me Metoprolol but I am too scared to take it without having to see a cardiologist. She sent me a referral to a cardiologist and told me to take the pill while I am waiting for the appointment.

Should I start taking the prescription or just wait and ask the cardiologist if I REALLY need to? Metoprolol's side effects scare the crap out of me and I heard it worsens the condition.

Also, my ECG report from my primary care clinic states "borderline ECG" and  "unconfirmed analysis".  It also states "Sinus Rhythm with PAC(s)". What does this mean?
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Pacs are extra heart beats originating from the atria.  They are generally seen as benign in an otherwise healthy heart.  Beta blockers are generally prescribe to help though for some they help for others they don't.  My cardiologist said it was up to me if I wanted to take them.  I chose not to.  I guess it would depend on how difficult it is for you to deal with the pacs.  In general they are more a nuisance than anything to worry about but if they bother you a lot try the beta blockers and see if your heart calms down.  As a side note ectopic beats, or the pacs, can have a tendency to come and go.  Things you can watch out for that may help lessen your symptoms are avoiding caffeine sugar and carbohydrates.  Address any stomach issues like acid reflux and work on stress reduction if you have a lot of stress.  Life style changes may help but if not and you still feel it difficult to manage while having the pacs then the meds may help you feel better.  
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Thank you :)
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