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Metoprolol and weight loss and anxiety

Hello i have been on Metoprolol 50mg two times a day for a racing heart from anxiety and for high blood pressure.I also take 300mgs diovan for blood pressure,and 20mg paroxetine one time a day for panic attacks.My starting weight was 326 pounds. I have had gastric sleeve surgery on November 20th 2014 and have lost 55 pounds and still losing around 3 pounds a week. my goal weight is 150 pounds. I have noticed that my resting heart rate ( laying down in bed )has slowed down to 59 from 75. I feel that i need to cut down my metoprolol. So i will make an appointment to see my  heart doctor. I just want your opinion on this. Thank You Bajagal101.
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I would feel fine having er heart rate of 59. When you lose weight, your heart can slow down a little, as not so much tissue has to be perfused,etc. If you can do with lower doses of medicine, due to your weight loss, that would be a great extra bonus!
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